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Friday, June 02, 2006

I have really awesome friends.

Today I went to lunch with some old friends/co-workers, Sandy and Lisa. They now work at Nestle, so we ate in their Nestle cafeteria, which was another exciting venture. I always get a little overwhelmed whenever I'm in a cafeteria. So many options. What's the best selection? I also get the same way when walking down a street with a lot of lights and goings-on. Anyway, I was expecting only to have lunch with Sandy because I did not know that Lisa also works at Nestle. Turns out that Sandy helped Lisa to get a job in her department, which is cool. Connecting with friends is totally the best way to get a job. Practically everyone I know who has a job got that job through a friend of theirs who works there or whatever. Lunch was nice, but I felt boring again. And a little shy, which is silly because I've known them since 2000. But I guess I get a little shy everytime I see someone again after not seeing them for awhile.

Tonight I was going to go over to Ryan and Nat's house to watch some movies. I also could hang out with Charlene and another Ryan and Matt and Amberle and a bunch of fun people. But then I remembered that today is my dad's birthday and that I would be a rotten daughter if I skipped out and hung out with friends. I would especially look bad compared to Carrie, who is not even related and left this evening free so that she could be a part of dad's celebrations. So, I'll be celebrating with Dad tonight, who turns 53 today.

Tomorrow is a packed, packed, packed day. It starts with a brunch, moves to a BBQ/pool party, then another BBQ then finishing off the evening in Old Town Pasadena with "Jared's Last-Minute, Totally Casual 30th Annual Nondenominational Billiards Birthday Jamboree."

- Jenny, 6/02/2006 01:47:00 PM

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