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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I ate the fanciest sandwich of my life today. I had a lunch date with Carrie. I met her at her work and then we went to the posh-yet-still-trapped-in-the-1960s Beverly Hills and ate at Le Pain Quotidien Bakery. I kinda felt like I was one of the Beverly Hillbillies. According to Carrie's memory of her dad's translation, "Le Pain Quotidien" means "The Daily Bread" in French. I can neither confirm nor deny this - I will be content to live in ignorance. I had a prosciutto and mozzerella sandwich, which was pretty good, but nowhere as good as the magical sandwich Carrie got while at the Wegmans grocery store in Princeton. I only had a bite of that sandwich, but have thought about it multiple times since. Afterwards we went across the street to a store completely devoted to cupcakes. I got the red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I am a huge fan of cream cheese frosting. And I also like red velvet cake. And it was a good cupcake. But a whole store devoted only to cupcakes?

I have good Presbyterian news! I have an appointment set up with the CPM in a week, now that I've completed my Form 5. The CPM stands for "Committee for Preparation of Ministry" and is the body that sees over my ordination stuff. So, the plan is that I will meet with them next week and, if everything goes well and they're satisfied with my answers on the Form 5, then they will refer me to the Presbytery to be a Candidate for ministry. The Presbytery is a group of people who govern the Presbyterian church within its bounds (the people in the Presbytery are all elected members & pastors from the churches within its bounds). Right now I am deemed an Inquirer. What it means to be an Inquirer is that you are interested in going into ministry, so you're just sorta checking it out. Being a Candidate is the next step in the process (you must be an Inquirer for at least one year and then a Candidate for at least one year) and it is saying that you want to go into ministry and are for sure working your way toward ordination. So, that's where I am at and it's kinda really exciting while also being kinda nerve-racking at the same time. I also got approval today to take my ordination exams in August. It feels like everything is sorta coming into focus now and that there's a point to the last couple of years of my life. And that is exciting.

- Jenny, 6/01/2006 02:56:00 PM

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