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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I am in certifiable pain. Last night, as you know, was my inaugural softball game. Well, the team I'm on has been together already. I'm the new girl. And this new girl forgot to stretch.* I played really well, actually, and made two very decent hits (out of 3 total at-bats). For a reason I didn't understand until I started playing, they played me at first base for the whole game.** I think the reason they put me at first is that I've come to see, from the one game I've played with them, that the team doesn't know how to catch or throw really well. Consequently, although I played very well (and even caught a ball two inches from the ground and had to show the ump that I had it in my mitt), we lost by at least 20 runs. We played The Splats, which is a cleverly named team from Nickelodeon. They seem like they have their act together and they have nice jerseys. However, their girls (at least the one at second) don't apparently know the rules of softball and there's this guy on their team nicknamed "Rainbow Sprinkles," so I don't think they're unbeatable. In fact, if they didn't have a 15+ run score over us by the first two innings or so, I think we would have caught up by the end of the game. Even though we lost and even though we can't really throw or catch or bat so well, I really like my new team. They're relatively nice, easy going and funny. I look forward to next week's game.

* Consequently, due to my non-stretching before or after the game, today my lower back is KILLING ME to the point where it hurts to stand, sit or lie down, removing almost every option of being comfortable. Additionally it is affecting my driving a tad, especially when I shift. I have got to figure out how to stretch my lower back so that it irons this kink out!

** First base is a position I have played before and do decently at, but am deathly afraid of, since one time I was knocked down by a runner and lost my wind.

Today, after I went to my super early AM Bible study, I went to go get my badge and TB/Drug tests for my CPE internship, which starts next week. I debated what color shirt I should wear. I could wear blue, but then it was a likely possibility that the background for the picture would be blue. So I thought about white, but white would wash me out, and it would be also likely that the background for the badge could be white. So I wore green and it was a perfect color combination. On my badge, which grants me access to the hospital AND the staff parking lot (how important do I feel?), there is this card that lets me know what all of the codes are - Code Blue, Code Red, etc. Pretty interesting.

- Jenny, 6/06/2006 02:58:00 PM

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