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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Have I mentioned yet that the hospital has GREAT ice?! I love it. It's the kind that's sorta in pellet form and is soft and wonderful to chew on. Since I've discovered that, I get myself a big glass and chew on it all day long. I love it!

Today was another good day at the hospital. I had considerable more freedom today and actually went on my own to see some patients, which was kinda exciting. I visited this one lady and she ended up talking to me for an hour. I was just standing there and she kept on talking and talking and talking and literally an hour later I was finally able to leave her room. I didn't mind the conversation at all - but it was hard standing there for an hour.

I was also assigned my units today, two of which seem to me to be an amalgamation of various illnesses/reasons for being in the hosptial. The other unit I have is the Nursery/Labor & Delivery, which might be a really fun one! I went in with another chaplain this morning to bless the babies, which is just a really cool thing that I enjoy doing. There was kinda a sad story with this one new mom that had some really interesting spiritual components to it, but I don't think I can talk about it because of patient confidentiality. So - too bad.

Anyway, ought to get about eating dinner and working on my homework for CPE. I put in all of the assignments into my iCal last night and was kinda overwhelmed at all of it. They have said I can work on some of that stuff at the hospital during my hours but even still, it is a lot.

- Jenny, 6/20/2006 05:25:00 PM

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