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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

So I forgot to post yesterday about a new painting up on campus. Princeton is scattered with paintings of distinguished and esteemed past presidents, professors, etc. For instance, here is a picture of one of our classrooms:

Stuart 1

And then the paintings in another classroom:

Stuart 2

My personal favorite painting is this one:

Eugene Carson Blake

I really like the colors and the style of the painting. It's a lot more loose than the others. Plus, the guy just looks nice and kindly and approachable.

Well when I went into Stuart 4 yesterday to take my Reformed Worship exam, I sat down and then looked up and saw this painting:

The Esteemed Garrett Bugg

Here's a close-up:

Close-up on Garrett Bugg

Those of you from Princeton who read my blog will recognize the face of Garrett Bugg. But what those of you from California and mysterious places like Bloomfield, CO and Herndon, VA don't know is that Garrett Bugg is a graduating senior at school. He had that picture taken of himself, framed it, and put it up there himself. Garrett was funny before, but now he's moved into "officially hilarious" realm.

- Jenny, 5/03/2006 07:45:00 AM

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