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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Keith, my preceptor and friend, gave me a book to read, when I told him I was interested in reading more about theology and the doctrines of the church. So I've been reading it little by little before I go to bed every night. I'm only on chapter two, The Meaning of Revelation, but I loved chapter one, The Task of Theology. I am really looking forward to reading this book. Anyhow, last night I read part in The Meaning of Revelation that sorta reminded me of LOST:

(The paragraph above the one I quote from talks about how God is revealed in the Old Testament)
"Yet the witness of the Old Testament is also that God remains, paradoxically, hidden in the event of revelation. In God's self-revelation God has become identifiable, yet God is never fully comprehensible. Even in revelation - precisely in revelation - God never ceases to be a mystery, never ceases to be 'more' than human beings can think to say. God remains ever free, and in this sense ever hidden in revelation."

I thought this was really interesting, God remaining hidden in revelation because it's the opposite of what we expect when we think of revelation. With revelation we expect to know and we do, but only to an extent. This reminded me about LOST because last night's episode was the season finale and we learned a lot about various things, including what happens when the button is not pushed and why their plane crashed onto the island. Since I've been watching the show, I've been very curious about these two items. Now that they're answered, I find myself still unsatisfied (although satisfied enough to wait until next season). I want to know why the magnet is there and who the others are and what they want with Jack, Kate and Sawyer and I want to know how they knew Sawyer's real name. And I want to know who this Henry Gale guy is and why he claims that the others are the "good ones" even though we see them doing bad things.

Anyway. Tonight I'm going to a graduation party for LJ, one of my former youth groupers. It is amazing to me that I have seen her go all the way through middle school, high school and now college. And yet it's really cool to see her as an adult. So, that's exciting that I get to go and celebrate with her. It especially lends some pizazz to my somewhat ho-hum weekday. :)

- Jenny, 5/25/2006 07:54:00 AM

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