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Monday, May 01, 2006

In general, if people are really hyped up about something it makes me very wary. I refused for a long time to see When Harry Met Sally. I held out against getting a cell phone for a LONG time. Part of my irrational reasoning about that is that I thought that it could be the mark of the beast. One has to be aware of what one is getting into, right?

Well, I have had a cell phone for awhile now. And I have seen parts of When Harry Met Sally (but not the movie in its entirety, I don't think). And, as of last night, I have entered the MySpace world. Let me tell you, I much prefer blogging.

I have been toying with the idea of joining MySpace for awhile. A number of my friends have been on it for awhile and some have also tried to get me to join so that I could read their blogs on there. But I refused. I'm too old for it, I said. (I kinda still think that.) Then the high school reunion announcement came out and there is this myspace page for it and I was curious to see old classmates' pictures without having to talk to them. But I still refused. THEN I got an email for MySpace the other day on one of my accounts saying that I had signed up. Which I did not, and wouldn't have on that particular email address. That kinda really creeped me out, but then I thought to myself, "maybe it's providential that I was signed up without actually doing it." Or, maybe I signed up for MySpace while I was sleeping. Either way, I did not do anything with that email. I guess, actually, that the email was to the fake Jenny Smith (who may or may not be involved with delving me into identity theft woes) who is Mormon. I have gotten at least three emails from Mormon people specifically asking me to help them out with their Mormon stuff, including an email about blogging about "What Mormons Believe," to be entered in a contest to win the 2006 LDS Library. That would have been sweet...if I was Mormon.

Anyway, so I refused until last night when I went to my last high school group at the church until September. I love these kids and am bummed that I can't participate with them during the summer. So I made up business cards for myself, with California contact info on one side and New Jersey info on the other. I included my AIM address and they weren't as excited about that as I thought they'd be - they more wanted to know if I had a MySpace page. So, somehow they were able to break my hardcore exterior and get me to create a MySpace last night. I have to say that I find MySpace to be incredibly slow and incredibly hard to understand about what to do and hard to customize. I think Blogger is much more user-friendly.

I just hope that MySpace isn't the mark of the beast and that I haven't sold my soul to the devil. Because that would be bad.

Anyhow assuming that I haven't sold my soul to the devil, I am almost done with my second year in seminary. That is, unless I fail. Which I think is highly unlikely this semester. Other semesters it was not so cut-and-dry. But this semester I think I've done pretty well. I have finished and turned in my paper on homeschooling, I have taken my Greek exam and have just finished taking my Polity exam.

Speaking of the beast, though, I have one exam left, Reformed Worship, which is officially a beast of an exam. Tons of memorization. I have been studying for it since Saturday and still have a lot to memorize. I'm not too worried, but I do want to do well. After I take this exam tomorrow morning, I will be finished with this year. How quickly it has gone by!

- Jenny, 5/01/2006 08:22:00 AM

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