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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

GREAT NEWS! I've finished that dastarly Form 5.

I went to my (way too) early AM Bible study and prayed about it and then came home to set about finishing it. It was slow going, however, and by lunchtime I managed to read another chapter in the book I'm reading, get my car washed, make some phone calls, take a shower, blog, check my myspace - basically I did everything and anything I could do while not finishing that form.

So after lunch I decided that I would go to the library. But I couldn't just go to the beloved BPL (with its plush chairs) because I'd end up searching the internet via their free wireless. I decided I needed to go somewhere that would make me be studious, so I ended up driving out to Fuller because I figured the people in their library would be studying because it's almost finals AND that I wouldn't have access to the internet, since I am an outsider on that campus. At Princeton if you're not a student/staff/what-have-you, then you cannot get internet access. I arrived at Fuller and was encouraged to find people studying (getting me in the right mood) and was shocked when I was allowed free wireless access there. I looked at the internet just a little and then got to work. I finished the two questions I had left, started to email them to the person in charge and then realized in horror that there were two different questions that had to be about a page in length. One of them, my statement of faith, was. The other one, my sense of call, was two paragraphs, just shy of half a page (yet it felt complete). Then I started worrying, wondering what they were asking for that I wasn't saying and then thought I'd ask my friend Don (I ran into him earlier while I was working - he is one of the interns at my church) if he had filled out the form and if he could give me any tips. Turns out he hadn't filled out Form 5. BUT! He did tell me where the Presbyterian Office was, so I set off over there to see if they could help me. As an aside, yesterday at the picnic they were calling it the "opium" office and I couldn't figure it out, but then I figured out that they weren't saying "opium" and instead were saying "OPM" (standing for Office of Presbyterian Ministries). Anyway, going to the Presbyterian office proved unhelpful because they had left for the day. So, I returned to the library to email off my Form 5, asking for help/clarification, and then decided to spend the remaining minutes I had left putting together a quick essay for that dastardly PCUSA study aid grant that I've also been putting off. I pulled it up, wrote my answer to the essay question (which was about what your motivations are behind your call are and what you think you're being called to) and then realized that I could use that answer, which was about a page in length, for my sense of call question. So I re-emailed my completed Form 5 and I think I'm now done with that nonsense.

Finishing that today was definitely God answering my prayers, especially in helping that last essay to come so naturally after I had spent so much time before on it, only coming up with the following sentence: "I believe that God is calling me to be a Minister of the Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)."

- Jenny, 5/30/2006 06:36:00 PM

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