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Monday, April 24, 2006

Thunder this morning! Cool!

Tyler has challenged me to filling out this meme where I list 6 weird things about myself. I am taking the challenge, but am still compiling the list. I am relatively normal, so it is hard to think of things. :)

I didn't die on Friday, as you may have imagined because I did not post. Instead, after my preaching class I was busy doing web updates, going to a BBQ at Bonner and then going out to celebrate Larissa & Nicole getting married. We went to Harvest Moon Brewery in New Brunswick. Harvest Moon is one of those places that brews their own beer. When the waitress came to our table, she was taking our drink orders first. As she approached me, I asked, "Do you have any ciders? If so, what kind?" She said yes and started listing them and then all of a sudden I said, "Oh. Wait. I'm allergic to cider." Somehow, it completely slipped my mind that I am fairly allergic to cider and have been given an EpiPen in case I drink cider again and have difficulty breathing. Good thing I remembered. I don't know what I was thinking!

Saturday was dull and dreary and so was I. I didn't really do much of anything except drive the president and his wife to the airport. I guess I also went to Theologiggle, which is a SNL show of sorts that pokes fun at our studies here at Princeton. It was a funny show. My favorite sketches, I think, was the parody of Real American Heroes called Real Seminary Heroes. I absolutely love those Real American Heroes commercials, and I think whoever wrote the Seminary ones did really well. Much, much better than Yale Med School's attempt.

Sunday I went to church and it was really nice. I helped in part of the service by saying the prayer of confession, the assurance of pardon, the passing of the peace and the children's sermon (I helped the children's director). The prayer of confession and assurance of pardon went very well! I had practiced them on Saturday night before bed and then on the way in the car ride up to church that morning. I was confident and not nervous at all, which was great! After the assurance of pardon, we usually sing a short hymn or verse or something so we did that and then there was silence. I was thinking mostly about the children's sermon (I was nervous because I've never done one before and Claire, the children's director, wanted to do it impromptu, which I am not very good at), so I looked down at Claire and wondered why she wasn't moving. Then I looked back at Noel, our music minister, and he was also waiting patiently. In fact, everyone was kinda looking at me and I had no idea what it was that I was supposed to do. So I quickly shuffled around my papers to look at the order of service and realized that before the children's sermon was the passing of the peace, which I was supposed to do, so I quickly shuffled my papers again (while sorta laughing/smiling at myself) and then said what I needed to say and then had the children come up for the children's sermon. We were going with an Earth Day-themed message. Claire did most of the talking and I just held the items until we got to the chicks. The chicks were hidden from the children's sight and when I took them out of the box and held them in my hands, you could hear an audible gasp from all the children and they all went from sitting cross-legged to sitting up on their knees. All of their eyes were opened huge and you could tell that baby chicks to little kids are HUGE. They just love them. Anyway, Claire asked me something like how baby chicks reminded me of the earth and I said something totally stupid like "well, they're small and furry and will grow up to be big and beautiful." Hmm...yes, this is what I mean by saying that I am not good at impromptu. I felt so dumb while I was saying it, but couldn't stop, really. Later on, when I was driving home, I realized that the perfect answer would have been for me to say that they're fragile and that the earth is fragile. Oh well. After church people kept on coming up to me and telling me that they read about me in the Key (Central's newsletter) and how it was great that I was there, etc. But the thing is that I didn't read the Key yet and I had no idea I was in it, so I was a little weirded out. I have since read the Key and it is pretty harmless what was written.

Today I accidentally found this.

- Jenny, 4/24/2006 09:59:00 AM

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