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Thursday, April 20, 2006

So I had another good day at church today. I really am going to miss these people when I go home for the summer. The nice thing is that I think they're also going to miss me. And, another nice thing is that I think they're excited that I'm going to come back next year - I think they like that I feel that this is my home church in NJ. Several of the staff (if not all, really) have asked me if I'll be coming back next year. I guess they get a lot of interns who do their one year gig and then ditch the church to go worship somewhere else closer for their last year. But I'm in it for the long-haul, and they can tell that I'm in it for the long-haul and that makes them happy and it makes me happy.

Today I bought a very pretty brown, beaded, knee-length skirt. Original price was something like $60, I believe. It was on the clearance rack for $40 and then I thought the sign said that it was then 50% off of that. I liked the skirt (in fact, I was this close to buying it when I first saw it, but then chastized myself for almost buying a $60 skirt), so I thought getting it for $20 was a steal. Instead, I magically got it for $11.99. Please don't ask me how, because I really have no clue. There were these women in line in front of me, arguing with the cashier (yelling, even!). There was something that went wrong and they were upset that they had to pay so much, but I think it was their fault anyway - I don't know - I zoned out and looked at the cute baby of another customer in front of me (that's not her, but it's a likeness, anyhow. The baby in the store, Maya, was at least 40% cuter than that baby). So, it was all very annoying to witness this embarrassing commotion and, personally, I was quite pleased once it was over with so that I could buy my skirt. I had the same cashier as the loud, obnoxious ladies and so I stood there quietly and waited as she scanned my items, watching the screen with the prices as they came up. When she rung in the brown skirt, I looked with bewilderment at the screen and exclaimed, "Did I really just get that skirt for $12?" She looked at the computer with fear and said yes (and everyone got really quiet again) and I exclaimed, "That's AMAZING!!" Because it was! So everyone behind me in line laughed and made comments about those other ladies. Didn't matter much to me because I just got a $60 skirt for $12 magically.

Anyway, I am doing the children's sermon on Sunday with the Children's Director. We're doing something Earth Day-themed and my task is to bring in three things that remind me of spring. I was thinking of bringing a tulip (because they're all the rage right now in NJ) and asking KP if I could bring one or two of these chicks they bought the boys while coming back from their vacation at some random island in either Maryland or Delaware that has wild ponies on it. But that just leaves me with having to think of one more thing that reminds me of spring. (Or two, if KP won't let me take a chick...) I was thinking maybe to be funny I could bring my nasal inhaler as a sign of spring (allergies), or maybe a baseball to correspond with beginning of baseball season. Any ideas?

Speaking of Earth Day, I was listening to Car Talk the other day, not necessarily as I am apt to do, but as I am willful to do. I absolutely LOVE listening to Car Talk. I absolutely HATE dealing with cars. But the show itself I love. And I would totally listen to it all the time, too, if only I remembered at 10 a.m. on Saturdays to listen to it instead of at 11 a.m. So I was listening to it a week or two ago when I happened to remember that it was on, and I heard an advertisement for the Better World Club. The Better World Club is a car club like AAA, but is unique in that it is a car club concerned for the environment. Here is a list of why they're cool. I just signed up for AAA because of the flat tire I got about a month or so ago, but I am thinking of switching. Better World says that they will not charge me the one time set-up fee if I switch from AAA and they say that AAA will sometimes pro-rate if you cancel your service with them. I am seriously thinking of switching.

But that is, if I don't die tomorrow. And the thing is that I will be hearing the sermon for my funeral tomorrow, so...wouldn't it just be funny if I actually did die tomorrow? I guess it wouldn't be ha-ha funny. In fact, the thought makes me more than a little sad. I would miss the people in my life, I think. But maybe not. It's just hard to imagine sometimes how good heaven will be when life is already pretty good. Anyway, I'll have to let you know tomorrow how it goes, and how I will go, once I find out. I hope I don't cry - that might be embarassing, crying at your own funeral. weep, weep...yes, I was so great....weep, weep...

Woah - it is time to go to bed. I didn't even have time to tell you how I ROCKED Evan and Geoff tonight in Settlers of Catan. Or how I almost killed my ranunculus today by not watering them. Or like how I have a brand new, compact head, medium firmness toothbrush. Or how I am just dying for this one phone call. Or how I bought these new Q-tips. All stories for another time and another place. That is all.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

- Jenny, 4/20/2006 08:33:00 PM

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