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Monday, April 17, 2006

So, I discovered today I made a big mistake. Mistakenly added an extra 0 onto an important number of my financial aid paperwork. Oops. For a few minutes today, I thought that I'd have to spend my entire IRA account on financial aid next year. Luckily, I spotted the weird information when meeting with the financial aid guy and things, I think, will be fixed now that I've demonstrated that I am, in fact, poor, and don't happen to have $39,000 lying around in checking and investment accounts.

I had a good weekend. Friday Megan and I went to Old Man Rafferty's in New Brunswick, which was very good (especially the dessert case!). It was fun, and it was nice to catch up with Megan, whom I haven't seen since my first year of college or so.

Then Saturday I went to the PTS and PU libraries to look for books on homeschooling. I came across this one book, which has a chapter on home schooling. I like the chapter so much, that I think I may end up reading other chapters just for fun! Then, on my way home from the library, I stopped at Wayne & KP's house and ended up helping their boys sell lemonade out in front of his house and then stayed for dinner. Then, later on that night I went out to see Thank You For Smoking on the first day of New Jersey being smoke free! I am so thankful that now I will be able to go into restaurants and not smell like smoke afterwards. Thank You For Smoking was VERY funny and was very interesting. I highly recommend it!

Yesterday I went up to church, which had a very nice service. After that, I went out to lunch with a friend from church, then came back here and did some seminary driving and then talked to my family. Generally, I did very little work. Hope you had a great Easter!

- Jenny, 4/17/2006 08:40:00 AM

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