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Friday, April 07, 2006

I have had a busy past few days. Tuesday night Carrie came into town. You can read about our our Wednesday adventures here. Basically, we went to the Princeton used book sale in the morning after my class and then we went to Philadelphia for the afternoon. The most surprising thing of the day was that it was snowing pretty hard on Wednesday right as we were leaving the book sale for Philadelphia. Once we got into Pennsylvania, however, it was bright and sunny, scarcely a cloud in the sky and absolutely no snow on the ground. Totally weird. The second most surprising thing about the day was learning that the Mennonites (or whomever they are) can cook up a mean cheeseburger special! Cheeseburger, fries and homemade lemonade all for $5.99 and very tasty.

Yesterday I went to Greek class and then came back up, got Carrie and we took a jet train to New York. Well, not a jet train. I guess Carrie was saying it was electric. Anyway, we got up there just in time for lunch, so we went down to Chelsea to the Chelsea Market. I had a cup of pumpkin soup and a half ham sandwich lunch special. My ham sandwich had a baby gherkin cut up on it, which added a good little umph to the sandwich. Then we walked through Chelsea to Greenwich Village and checked out Washington Square Park, my favorite place in New York. It's right by NYU, and there appeared to be some sort of student rally or carnival or something. Then we took the subway up to Columbus Circle and saw the Mitzvah Tank for the second time that day (one of many and frequent sightings yesterday). We saw it first in Greenwich village, and we were asked a couple of times if we were Jewish and/or needed matza. I wished I was Jewish so I didn't have to turn down the cute little boys. Anyway, so we walked through Central Park and then walked down 5th Avenue to Rockefeller Center. Amazingly enough, both the ice rinks at Central Park and Rockefeller Center are still going strong! Then we walked from Rockefeller Center to Grand Central Terminal, which I had never been to before. That is one nice train station! We ate dinner at some Mexican restaurant in there and it was very good. From Grand Central, we walked to Times Square and saw those sights and then walked back to Penn Station to catch the train home. I was glad because sometime in the late afternoon I developed a migrane headache (I also got one on Wednesday - I think it was being out in the brightness without sunglasses?) and so it was very nice to just be able to sit (and sleep) for awhile. Upon returning, we went to Halo Pub and then retired to my dorm room, where Carrie packed and I watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Today I preached my final sermon for my preaching class. Thank goodness! I am now officially done with preaching (not including the fact that I have to continue to attend class). So, that's one class checked off the list. This weekend I have to finish my evaluation for my internship, and then once that's done, that'll be another class I can check off my list. I am contemplating going to the Phillies v. Dodgers game tomorrow afternoon. I guess it'll just depend on how much work I can get done tonight. But I am hoping that I can go...

- Jenny, 4/07/2006 01:39:00 PM

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