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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I guess I better post now because there is a scheduled outage later on this evening. Pretty soon I have to go and work some PDR, which is the catering service of Princeton. Tonight is the senior dinner, and I just love the color of the tablecloths. I'm not sure I really agreed to do this event, but I think I'm sorta required to go to it because I have accepted to being one of the three catering managers next year. This is sorta a good deal of a job for me - I get a slightly higher rate than the normal Work Study rate and I get paid for at least ten hours a week. So, that is very nice. On the other hand, it can be a very stressful job. But I think they have confidence that I can do it, so I'll just try to share in their confidence.

Guess what?! Yesterday I got a letter from Kenya! (cool map, no?) At the end of last summer, I sent them some books for their destitute children's library, and they just got them in March. I guess it normally takes 3 months to send books, but my package took a little longer, for whatever reason. I am happy that they received be honest, I forgot that I sent it! I think I will try to send them another package of books sometime else this summer. Now that we have such great electronic resources and since we haven't used our encyclopedias in forever, I am going to send them our encyclopedias. They are much more useful there.

For the record, I have a Cesar Izturis bobble-head doll. This makes me a much bigger fan of the Dodgers than David Anderson can ever hope to be, even though he might know their current score and carry around a radio with him wherever he goes, listening to their games. Matter settled.

- Jenny, 4/19/2006 09:53:00 AM

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