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Friday, April 28, 2006

Good news! I believe I have finished my paper! I will give it a read-through today to see if it's pretty coherent (I think the ending's a little weak, but not weak enough for me to put too much thought into fixing it) and then I will email it off to my teacher. This is very exciting! Now I only have three exams left - Greek (Saturday), Presbyterian Polity (Monday) and Worship in the Reformed Tradition (Tuesday).

All morning long I had kept on smelling this horrid smell. The closest smell I could approximate it to was vomit. You can now tell how gross the smell was. Anyway, I first smelt it in the bathroom, then in my room, then in the hallway - everywhere. I was beginning to wonder whether it was me who smelled like vomit, even though I just showered, since I couldn't escape the smell. But then I left the building and discovered that the smell was none other than this huge pile of manure that they have outside. I'm just pleased that it wasn't me and now that I have a source of where the phantom smell is coming from, I find that it doesn't gross me out as much anymore.

Alright, who remembers the Friday Five?! Well, I don't have a Friday Five entry for you today, but I will give you a Friday Six! You will find below six reasons why I think I am weird (you may find yourself having different entries for me!), in response to Tyler's challenge:

1. I have a really sensitive sniffer.
My nose is so sensitive that I become paranoid about smells. Chances are, at any given moment, I am very aware of my armit or foot smell and think that everyone else can smell them to the degree that I am able to smell them. For the most part, however, no one else ever smells what I smell. It's perplexing.

2. I say "tour."
A lot of people say "tour." But I guess I say it differently. "tur." That's how I say it. I think it's normal but I have been told it is not.

3. I am really shy, but really only around people I think I will need to or want to talk to again.
It's true. I get really, really nervous and shy around people if I think that maybe I'll want to talk to them ever again. However, I am pretty outgoing if I think that I won't talk to someone again. For example, I have no problem striking up a random conversation with someone in a store. But thinking about how to have a conversation with someone I want to be friends with makes me really, really nervous almost to the point that I just won't talk to that person.

4. I love going to the dentist, but hate going to the doctor.
Not sure why, really, but it's true. When I know I am going to the dentist, I am excited about it for days before.

5. I mishear everything.
Yet somehow I test well when tested for hearing loss. Actually, I don't have trouble hearing things (like I can hear that airplane that's flying outside of the window right now), but I have a lot of trouble hearing what people say. I'm always mistaking it for something totally different and unsensical (if that's even a word).

6. I have a strong aversion to eggs.
Everyone, it seems, likes eggs. Scrambled, hard-boiled, deviled, over-easy, omelette, quiche - it's all the same to me. Super gross. So gross that sometimes even the smell of someone eating it next to me repulses me and I physically have to move. Not every time, but some times when it smells especially....potent.

So there you have it. I am weird, but not so weird that you dislike me...right? For those of you who haven't done this exercise yet, I highly recommend it! Do it on your own blog, or in the comments. Try it, you'll like it!

- Jenny, 4/28/2006 10:09:00 AM

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