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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

SO - this room is a mess. I've got library books, clothes and papers strewn everywhere. I could clean it up, but then I would be neglecting to write in this blog and begin on my paper. Too too too too much to do.

I ended up selecting Henrietta Mears to report on for my American Churches in Public Engagement paper. KC and Kathryn surely know about her, but not many people do. She was a very influential Sunday school teacher at First Presbyterian of Hollywood, influencing men such as Billy Graham and Bill Bright to pursue ministry. She also founded Gospel Light Christian education curriculum and a Christian camp that Kathryn, KC and I (along with a host of others) have been to. There was little (although some) in the school library, but I decided that it would perhaps be more uplifting to do my paper on her rather than on Jim Bakker, who I also had interest in researching.

Happy belated birthday to my cousin Danny, who is #1 in our family's Fantasy NASCAR league. I am in 8th place, but this is no pity party! This last week I managed to move up from 10th or 11th place to 8th! I am soon on my way to challenge his #1 spot.

- Jenny, 3/21/2006 01:06:00 PM

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