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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

One of the great things about being way behind in watching Lost is that even reruns are new to me. Something I find weird, as I look on the official site is that there is a magazine solely devoted to Lost. But maybe it didn't go anywhere because there's only one issue listed. Not sure. I guess I wouldn't make a very good investigative journalist, eh?

Kathryn's meme today reminded me how much I like the Counting Crows. I thought they were so-so and then I saw them live with Toad the Wet Sprocket at the Wiltern (one of the coolest looking venues in LA), and they were really good. Toad, the band I was there specifically to see, was just ok. I went to that concert alone, I think the only time I went to a concert alone. I took a book and read inbetween sets. I liked it, except for the people behind me were obnoxious. All of this thought has inspired a Counting Crows marathon, which I will listen to as I work for Bonner this afternoon.

So one of my more liberating thoughts I've had in the past week is that with the advent of next year being my last year of seminary, I realized that this is the last time I will ever have to fill out stupid financial aid applications. The PCUSA must have heard about my joy because they have decided to make receiving financial aid extremely more complicated. Several forms, essays, three recommendations, etc. I have awhile to turn it in, but it's a little bit frustrating to get yet another series of forms and things I have to complete while in school.

- Jenny, 3/15/2006 12:57:00 PM

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