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Monday, March 06, 2006

Long time, no post. Sorry to disappoint you, my faithful public. I'll catch you up:

Friday was my last day of class before reading week, aka the best week ever. Reading week, for those not "in the know" is a week we're given a chance to catch up on our reading or homework or prepare for midterms or whatever. It is technically not a spring break, but people here very much do treat it like a spring break. Previous reading weeks, I've had to be a slave to my books because of midterms or what-have-you, but this is my first reading week where I don't necessarily have to produce something. Technically, I don't think I have anything due until late March, so I can afford to slack off a little bit.

So, Friday I went to class and then played a board game with some friends before I went off to work at a catering event held at a professor's house. I did that for a few hours and then I came back and decided to see a movie. Because others were MIA or not interested, I was able to see a movie by myself (which I love to do), so I went to go and see Match Point (woah! they have podcasts! This is exciting!) because I had been wanting to see it but didn't have anyone to go with. Let me just tell you that I really liked this movie. It is very suspenseful at the end and really does not give a happy picture of infidelity. It was really good.

Saturday Tyler arrived. We stopped by Pats (even though they were really rude to me last time I went) so Tyler could get himself a cheesesteak. Then we went to Target to pick up some things that Tyler needed and then went out to dinner with Ann, Ann's friend Elizabeth and Nicole at On the Border later on that night.

Sunday I went up to church and then came back down and had lunch with Tyler at Hoagie Haven (that link is definitely worth clicking on) and then we walked around downtown Princeton for a bit and got some delicious Halo Pub ice cream. I was actually reminded (by myself) how I think I should create a fan website for Halo Pub and taste each one of their flavors and then rate them. I would use a 4-udder system (4 being best, one being worst). I counted how many flavors they have, and it would nearly take me a whole year (I'd have a couple of weeks of vacation) to rate all of the 47 flavors if I had a scoop a week. This will require extra thought because I don't know if I can be that dedicated...I'd have to start soon in order to complete it before I graduate. Anyway, Sunday night Tyler came up with me for the evening church service and then hung out in downtown Summit while I was at youth group.

Today Tyler and I hit Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. The annual Philly Flower Show is this week (I actually really want to go to this - perhaps later on this week or next year) and apparently Monday is field trip day, so downtown Philly was CROWDED. It took us quite a while to find parking. Once we did, we looked at the Liberty Bell and the outside of Independence Hall, foregoing the tour. Then we and all of the people attending the flower show went to Philly's version of the LA Farmer's Market, which I really liked. I think I'll take Carrie there when she comes out in April. From there, we went to the Franklin Institute, Philly's science museum. We went there to see the Body Worlds exhibit, which was both really cool and really gross. Then tonight we went to see the NJ Nets play. They lost horribly to the Kings. I am not really a fan of basketball, per se, BUT I do appreciate a tie/close game (just ask Terrence. The Nets (who I prefer over the Kings, just because the Kings are a no-no for Angelenos to like) were doing so poorly that at the end I was rooting for the Kings to beat them with over 30 points.

Tomorrow we are spending the day in NYC.

I saw signs for this site all day today in Philly and am super bummed that I still don't know what the site is for.

- Jenny, 3/06/2006 08:05:00 PM

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