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Thursday, March 23, 2006

I don't know if I heard it first or if I felt it first. In fact, I wasn't even sure if my tire was flat or if it was just a weird part of the road. So, I pulled over onto a non-descript area of the 1 to check to see if it was flat. Turns out that there was really no question - I had a flat. It was funny (and, by funny, I don't mean ha-ha funny) because I was just talking with Emily last week or maybe the week before about flat tires saying something like, "Well, I think I could change a flat if I had to." And I still do think that...but I opted out of trying to change it by myself (I did, afterall, just get my hair cut and it was styled!) and instead called AAA and signed up with them so that they'd change it for me. I think what lay at the heart of my predicament is that I didn't want to change my tire incorrectly and find that out the wrong way. So, now I'm a member of AAA in NJ, which is kinda weird. I only hope that with my membership I'll get a AAA NJ magazine, like how you get Westways if you're a SoCal AAA member. I really like that magazine.

The positive thing is that I really like my haircut. I kinda feel, though, that it's the same old haircut I always get. (xref this and this) BUT, the positive thing is that I like this haircut and think that it looks good on me. The (new) hairdresser also complimented me on my hair. She said that I had gorgeous hair. The more I go to hairdressers other than my own, I feel that this must be a ploy hairdressers use to make a client feel better about their hair. At one point early on in the haircut, she said to me, "I just love your hair this length." I thought it was a weird statement because (a) my hair was still wet and unstyled, (b) she had maybe cut only one section of hair in the back, and (c) it's not like she really had that much to compare it to, since this was the first time she's ever seen me in her life. But, I'm very happy. Overall, good experience, except for the flat tire.

Today started off not that great because I spent a bunch of money on new tires for my car. I needed to get all four, not just the one that went bad. I knew I'd have to do it sometime this semester (these were the original tires my car came with when I bought it), but...well, it was just a bummer.

But then I drove up to church and had a great time! I love the people I work with up there. I laugh and have fun and talk with everyone and everyone is so friendly and encouraging and wonderful. God has really been amazing at really turning that situation totally around, and I am supremely thankful. I am preaching there on Sunday, so I started working on my short (5 min!) sermon and just got so much encouragement and love and support from everyone. I feel like now I have two very wonderful church families. It is also exciting because I feel like I'm in high demand this Sunday. First I preach and help lead the service for our chapel worship service. Then I go to service in the sanctuary. Then I give the message for the family Sunday school. Then I go to my supervisor's house and watch Rent with her daughter. Then I go back for the contemporary worship service in the auditorium. Then we have high school group and I'll be teaching at that. A fun filled day, I tell you!

So then tonight I went to the middle school youth group at church for the first time. In that group, there are about 10-15 middle school aged boys and 3 girls. You can imagine the craziness. But it was also really fun and brought back really fond memories for me, thinking about when I was the youth director back home. And it also reminded me just how much I love that age. Middle schoolers are - believe it or not - at a great age.

Then, when I came back I got my mail and saw that I got back a very good grade on my Worship midterm, which I thought I would score poorly or average on. So now I have to answer the tough question - do I write a final paper or take the final exam. I get to choose. I am leaning toward taking the final exam because it'll help me develop my test-taking skills for my ordination exams, but it's always nicer to write a paper and not have to study and stress out about what they may ask about...hmm..

Another great thing about today is that I almost finished both my paper due on Tuesday and my sermon due on Sunday.

Today has been great, except for spending a bunch of money on things I'm not too interested in!

Comment about LOST last night: I so knew that guy wasn't from Minnesota. It's not clear at the end, but I'm pretty sure we'll discover in the next episode that he's an Other. The preview for next week's NEW episode looks amazing! I am anxious for it already! Carrie, I think you better start watching the next episodes of LOST, because I am pretty sure it will not be tolerated if my LOST group didn't watch it together the day that you're is, afterall, a new episode. We'll work that into our schedule.

Look at how cool this cake is. I found it by googling "a bunch of money." Maybe they paid a bunch of money for that cake.

Another gem: a hair product I found in the drug store. I had to look twice to see if it really said what I thought it said.

- Jenny, 3/23/2006 08:02:00 PM

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