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Monday, March 13, 2006

I am now 100% convinced that spring is here. I have witnessed with my own two eyes buds forming on trees and tiny flowers springing from the ground. I predict that Princeton will be beautiful for Carrie's visit in the beginning of April. My favorite trees that will bloom are those that have the brilliantly white flowers on them. I don't know what they're called (Dogwood, perhaps?), but they are so beautiful and I cannot wait for them to bloom.

Fall used to be my favorite season, but now that I've moved to New Jersey, I cannot help but pick spring as my most favorite season. There is just something so wonderful about seeing nature come back to life again. Furthermore, it's just so nice to have warmer weather...for the sun to be out and be doing its job of warming up this place.

Woah - does everyone know about this? Keep in mind for vacation plans.

I read outside this afternoon, since one of my classes was cancelled for today and it was in the mid-70s (a whole 20 degrees warmer than home!). Incidentally, I totally forgot about my class being cancelled. I was sitting in class quietly reading and would have never noticed if a few others hadn't trickled in and wondered aloud where everyone else was (including the teacher!) now that it was 1:30, the start of class. It was nice to read outside, to have the warm sun on my neck. A lot of people like to read outside in our quad. I prefer to read outside in the midst of traffic, in this small triangle at the intersection of Mercer and Nassau Streets. It's kind of a busy intersection and produces a fair amount of noise, although this doesn't seem to bother me. What bothers me is that the bench hurts after sitting on it for over an hour.

Anyhow, some more reading is called for before I can have dinner.

- Jenny, 3/13/2006 12:33:00 PM

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