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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Well, I think I've finished writing my sermon. I haven't practiced it yet - will do that after I finish writing this entry but before Lost comes on tonight.

Speaking of Lost, the trailer they showed at the end of last week indicated that they were going to not push the button that they have to push every couple of minutes, but this trailer doesn't have that clip. I am anxiously awaiting to see what happens when they don't push that button on the computer.

A nectarine is a non-fuzzy peach. I have encountered at least five people here at Princeton who think a nectarine is a small orange. They are, of course, mistaking it for a tangerine. I know this, and have noticed that those of you who answered correctly in the comments are mostly from southern California. I have noticed that my knowledge about fruit has been vastly superior to a good number of others here at Princeton. (If only Princeton was testing me on my knowledge of fruit!) I wonder if this is because there's just a greater availability of many fruits in California than there seems to be here in the northeast.

Anyhow, last night when I was looking up nectarine for fun on Wikipedia, I was startled to learn that a nectarine is a type of peach! For years, since I have been a little girl, I thought a nectarine was similar to a peach but was a totally different fruit. In fact, my mom used to buy nectarines and I remember getting so upset because I wanted her to buy peaches because (at that time) I liked them better. Now that I am an adult, I love nectarines and don't care too much for peaches (or hairy fruit in general). So, it was shocking to read that they're the exact same species, especially because I think they taste very different. This summer I'm just going to have to a blind taste-test.

- Jenny, 2/15/2006 04:36:00 PM

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