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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Today I'm going to post about things I've recently finished because I cannot think of anything else more exciting to post about.

This weekend, I watched two movies that I rented on Netflix:

The first was this movie called Greenfingers. I really liked it. It's about these prisoners at an experimental prison in the UK. Every prisoner is assigned a job, and this one group of prisoners somehow is assigned to be gardeners. This one prisoner happens to be very gifted at gardening, but has lost hope for his life because he accidentally killed his brother in a moment of passion. The prisoner realizes that, through gardening, he has the ability to give life back to the world.

Then I watched My Date with Drew, which is a documentary of this "regular" guy who tries to get a date with Drew Barrymore within 30 days. I didn't like it too much, mostly because I had a hard time wanting this guy to actually get a date with Drew. I put in quotes that he's regular because he is and he's not - he's involved in the entertainment industry (or, at least that's where his aspirations lay) and that helps him (in some respects) work the system. Most of the time I didn't like him because he oozed the shallowness/networking/fake persona one encounters frequently when involved in the entertainment industry. Having grown up and been around that sort of thing, I just have very little tolerance for it. And, most of the time I felt like he was just using this to try to find a job. After I expressed this to our group who watched the movie, Emily said that one of the reviews she read about it was that this guy wasn't necessarily seeking a date with Drew, but a date with fame (or something like that), which I think hits my feelings head on.

I've also finished a book that Jen recommended to me, based off of an interview she heard on NPR. It's called Misquoting Jesus and is basically a book that explains Biblical criticism for a lay audience, as well as argues that one really cannot have an inerrant view of scripture. I thought the book was interesting and explained in an easier manner what I've learned so far in seminary, however, I found it concerning that this guy footnotes himself (other books/papers he's written) extensively. Come on, buddy - isn't there someone else who supports what you're saying?

I also finished a profoundly dull book this weekend for class called Lift Your Hearts on High and is about Eucharistic Prayer in the Reformed Tradition. Really, really dull.

Gotta go - dinnertime!

- Jenny, 2/21/2006 02:08:00 PM

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