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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Today I went to Greek class, then to the dealer to get a couple of minor things fixed on my car. Then I ate lunch and then I drove up to church and met with a few people and worked on some stuff. Nothing big. I really like the people I work with up there. Right now they all think I'm really cool. The church is doing this new evening contemporary worship service for March (they affectionately call "March Madness") and I created a movie poster for them (because the sermon series has to do with finding Jesus in movies) and they think it's the greatest thing ever. I made it a few weeks ago and every time I am at church someone new tells me how much they like the poster and how they're so impressed and stuff. I stayed up there late, so I took myself out to dinner. I kept myself company reading by reading about the General Assembly and watching Teen Jeopardy.

Then I came home to do some work and Carrie has foiled me because she has me hooked on looking up homes on this site.

Well, I have nothing much to say other than I have a killer zit forming just below my lip and just above the killer zit I have on my chin. It really hurts. You'd think that once you reach 27 years old that these adolescent things would stop happening. Well, maybe you wouldn't think that, but I definitely did and I was definitely wrong.

- Jenny, 2/09/2006 05:25:00 PM

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