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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I think my exam went ok, but I would be shocked if I scored in the top fifth of the class. Those who score in the top fifth are excused from taking the final exam and may instead turn in a final research paper. But, that's ok if I don't score in the top fifth because it probably would serve me better to take the final exam in preparation for the PC(USA) ordination exams.

In other news, Tyler is coming to visit this Saturday! So, that'll be exciting. We'll be hitting the museum circuit - the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the National Constitution Center, the Museum of New York, the Guggenheim in SoHo, some drawing museum in SoHo and others that I cannot remember right now. We also have plans to go to a Nets game...I just have to figure out where they play. I think I know approximately where it is and how to get there, but I guess I should check with some NJ friends for sure - probably before he comes. I found out that you can go and visit the oldest prison in the US (now closed), but it does not open until April. So, perhaps when Carrie comes in April, that will be one of our destinations.

Speaking of Carrie, I just learned that her company now lets her watch movies on demand at work. While I think that would be a most excellent way of helping the day to go by faster, I just don't see how that helps workflow.

- Jenny, 2/28/2006 03:20:00 PM

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