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Monday, February 27, 2006

Big test tomorrow. So, I'll follow Adam's lead and do an easy post:

Instructions: Use the picture you like best from the first (no clicking around for 44 pages) page of the search results on Google Image.

1. The city and state of the town you grew up, no quotation marks.
Burbank, California. Picture is here.

2. The town where you currently reside.
Princeton, New Jersey. Picture is here.

3. Your name, first and last, but again, no quotes.
Jennifer Smith. Picture is here.
(that's not really me)

4. Your grandmother's name.
Marjorie Smith. Picture is here.
(that's not really her)

5. Your favorite food.
Chinese Chicken Salad. Picture is here.

6. Your favorite drink.
Can you see that there is a person here drinking cherry coke?

7. Your favorite smell.
Well, one of them, at least. Picture is here.

- Jenny, 2/27/2006 01:45:00 PM

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