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Friday, November 12, 2004

So much to write about that I had to take notes to prepare this piece. Watch out--I'm in a linking kinda mood today!

First, join my friend Kyle in joyful jubilation--she is now an owner of her very own blog, which I helped her start tonight. She is very happy about it, especially because it will both help her procrastinate and help her procrastinate less. This is the paradox of Kyle, who never ceases to make me laugh at her cuteness. (For those Safari users, there is a glitch in the CSS that makes the posts go below the sidebar...I have to figure out how to solve this, but my DreamWeaver doesn't seem to be opening...I may have to reinstall...grr.)

So last night I went to Staples to get a new ink cartridge for my printer and then drove down to Wegman's to stock my fridge, which is what I affectionately call the second drawer in my desk, as I do not actually have a fridge (but the snacks need to be held somewhere). On my way back from Wegmans, I took the windy back-road instead of the 1, which is always dark and somewhat desolate. There are all of these signs posted on the road, warning me to watch out for deer. I ignore these signs because, come on, there's no deer there, certainly no deer will pass over the road while cars are driving on it. Anyway, so I'm driving along this road and just as I'm about to get to the turn onto Mercer street, I see this deer dart across the road, in front of a car driving in the opposite direction! It was totally weird and exciting and made me realize that I'm wrong about the whole deer sign thing.

Speaking of deer (I crack myself up!!), so I went to Trenton today for work to interview a couple of different crisis ministries (this is why I didn't post earlier--no time!). Now, I don't believe I've mentioned this on the blog before, but road kill is big around here. I would say that I probably see some instance of road kill every single time I drive my car (which, admittedly, is not every day). So I was driving down the 1 to Trenton today and I saw the mother of all road kills--a deer on the side of the road. I guess if I liked animals or maybe if I had some sort of Snow White complex I'd feel all sad for that deer, but I guess I don't feel sad at all. It just makes me think about how life is just that way sometimes.

Another thing that happened today in Trenton is that I was driving around, biding my time between appointments. As I was driving, I was waiting to make a left hand turn on this one street and I was rear-ended by this minivan. The impact felt pretty strong, but it was more shocking than anything. I drove to the side of the road, totally anticipating the minivan driver to take off (I think this is all too common of an occurence) and, to my surprise, the guy actually pulled over with me. Anyway, as I was gathering a pen & paper to take down his information, he appeared at my window and was totally worried and kept on asking me if I felt ok and if I was hurt, etc. I actually had to tell him to calm down. I went to look at the back of my car to see the damage of the impact and there was none! So, that is a fabulous ending to what could have been a bad situation.

Tonight I went with Kyle, Nicole Howard and Krista to go and see Bridget Jones's: The Edge of Reason. Do not believe the 6.2 IMDB gives it--it is a funny, funny movie. I drove us to the movies in the rain. It has been rainy and gloomy all day here. Back home I would have been all excited about the rain, but when I woke up today and saw the rain, I was not pleased. I think because it makes me realize that winter and snow are just around the corner. In fact, I was told today that it is possible that it could snow overnight. (however, it is now 2 a.m. and there is no sign of snow)

Ok, and one last piece of good news before I go to bed in order to wake up for my incredibly early football game tomorrow morning (8 a.m.)--I got my church history midterm back today and I think that I did really well on it--a 91/100!! Yay! I knew that I felt good after taking the test, but I did not imagine that I would do so well, especially only after studying the night before for the exam.

Time for bed for reals now.

- Jenny, 11/12/2004 11:04:00 PM

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