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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

So I'm watching the Today show right now and they're talking with Elton John. He lives in Atlanta--who knew? Not me. I've noticed something funny about traffic reports out here--they give reports on the train schedules! [update: um, what they were calling the blue route, I thought was a train route, but it ends up being a road, and not a train] Last night I went to bed around 10pm (I was exhausted) and so I was able to wake up a little earlier this morning, which is nice and different.

I'm officially coming home for Christmas. I bought my ticket last night through Orbitz and found a deal for $184 by adjusting the dates I'm flying home. (For those interested, I come home on Monday, December 20th and fly back here on Wednesday, January 5th. I'm excited about coming home.

Does it feel like Christmastime to anyone else? I feel that whenever I go into the stores, they're already focused on Christmas. I suppose it's not too far away (Stephanie has a new, snazzy counter to count the knitting days until Christmas), but it just seems yet too early to me. I think I went into a store on Halloween and it was already gussied up for Christmas. I suppose this is the yearly lament of the public against the retailers, but it just seems earlier to me this year, even though it's probably at the same time.

Anyway, I should be trying to write my Church History paper right now. I was going to write it last night but, to be truthful, there's just not much material for me to write on. I'm supposed to write a 5-page paper on a particular play written by Hrotswitha (somehow her name sounds like "Crows Feet"). The play itself is only 10 pages and is very simple.

- Jenny, 11/10/2004 05:41:00 AM

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