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Monday, November 01, 2004

My Church History midterm is history. Thank goodness. Tomorrow I have my Hebrew midterm (which shouldn't be bad, unless it's all vocabulary that I don't know) and next week I have my Old Testament midterm, which will probably be very difficult. Church History wasn't that bad and I think I did relatively well on it.

Anyway, there is much to blog about.

First, Ann is hilarious. She was in Emily's room the other day and started taking pictures of herself with Emily's digital camera. 100 pictures later (no joke), Emily now has quite a gallery of Ann shots. She only put up a few of the best.

I had a good weekend.

Friday night I babysat for Wayne & KP's two youngest sons and after they returned home, I headed over to the Halloween Party on first Brown with Emily, Joanne and Anne. They invited me to participate in their costume--we dressed as triplets, each with jeans and a black shirt. Some pictures from Emily & Kyle are here. Don't be fooled: that black and white photo is totally rehearsed. Although in general I'm not a party person, I am glad I went to the party--I had fun.

Saturday I went to Einstein's Bagels, read a little theology about marriage and then headed back to campus. After thinking some, I must have been pretty diligent on Saturday, doing a lot of studies for this week, because I cannot remember anything that I did.

Sunday was the best day of the weekend, by far. I decided to go to church in Connecticut. My congregation back home has ties to this congregation in Connecticut because one of our (very popular) old pastors is also one of their (very popular) old pastors. They also have a connection with my church because they also support the Muindis in Kenya (where I went this summer), as does my church. So, I left here around 8 a.m. and arrived in Darien, CT (a suburb of Stamford) around 10 a.m., after having braved the NJ Turnpike. I was afraid of the turnpike (because it's not user-friendly), but it ended up not being that bad AND it wasn't as expensive as I had expected it to be. All in all, I wish that NJ would just charge a little bit more in taxes because it makes it annoying to have to make sure to have cash in the car to get where you need to get over here. Anyway, Sunday was absolutely beautiful (and strangely warm--mid 60s to low 70s!) and the drive up NJ, through NY to Connecticut was beautiful. The church service was really nice, probably the best church service I've been to on the east coast so far. After the service, I talked to some people who were really friendly and who know the Muindis in Kenya and, all in all, I wish that this church were closer so that I could attend there every week. Practically, it is not feasible for me to go to this church every week, but I am toying with the idea of going there once a month.

After church, I decided to go to lunch in Stamford. Exit 7 looked kinda happening, so I took that exit and it turned out that it was this town kinda like Westwood, as it had the University of Connecticut at Stamford and some stores and stuff. After walking around the town a bit, I decided to go to the mall to eat. Well, as I was getting my food, these four HUGE guys walk into Sbarro (where I was eating). When I mean huge, I mean huge. These guys were so huge that it made me feel small, and that's saying something because I am a giant. Well due to the seating situation, it ended up that they sat at my same table (a bigger table in the middle). I was reading my whacked book for lit class but I overheard them talking about LA and one of them said something kinda funny (can't remember what now), so I laughed to myself. Then they asked me if I was laughing at them and I said that I couldn't help but hear what they were saying and about how I was from LA and thought that it was funny. We got to talking and I asked them if they went to UConn and they said that they didn't go to that school, but that they were in Stamford because they're on this wrestling reality show on UPN called Tough Enough, where they have to wrestle some guy who is even huger than them and then after America votes for them, one of them will win $1,000,000. Never having heard of this show in my life, we talked about this a lot and it was interesting. They were pretty nice, although I probably will not watch the show. The guys who I ate with are: Justice (who was probably the nicest), Mike, Dan and Nick. So, that was interesting. After that, I bought another star lamp (kinda looks like this, drove back, typed up my lit paper, studied and went out with Ann, Emily and Kyle for ice cream at the Halo Pub.

So, it was a nice weekend. And this past week felt so nice not to have school. But now that school is back in session, I am remembering that I also like school and I'm glad I'm here (even though it is stressful at times). Terrence comes in two weeks! I am so excited!!

- Jenny, 11/01/2004 10:20:00 AM

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