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Sunday, November 07, 2004

I had some Cammomile tea today. I don't regularly drink Cammomile, but I thought I'd give it a whirl. I decided that I think it tastes like how I think new car scent would taste (that is, if you could eat or drink new car smell). There's really nothing more to this--I just thought it was an interesting and absurd observation.

I figured, after a long night of studying, that I'd take a brief time to blog about something before going to bed. I'm somewhat tired, but more, my eyes are tired after reading so much tonight. My Old Testament midterm is on Tuesday morning and this has caused Ann and I to fight tonight. See, our methods of studying are quite different. My method is not to stress out or worry about the midterm as I believe that this worrying will, in no way, help me. Secondly, I have read most of the scriptural text that will be covered on the midterm, so now I am going back and reading our secondary text, Collins. I finished that reading tonight and tomorrow night I'll study all of the stuff we have to memorize (the ten commandments, outlines of several books of the Bible, read the scriptural passages I missed, etc.). This seems very logical to me. I'm not really sure what Ann's method entails, besides getting all worried about passing the test. From my standpoint, I just do not see how this can benefit me. If I pass, I pass, if I fail, I fail (rumor has it that one of our professors even failed her OT midterm back in the day)--whatever the outcome, it is not the end of life. I think this is an important thing to keep in mind. At any rate, what makes my week a little bit more stressful is that I have a Church History paper due on Friday and I usually try to write that by the end of the weekend prior to the due date. Since I did not get that done this weekend, I'll have to be very disciplined and do it probably Tuesday night (as I intend on studying for the midterm tomorrow night).

So I got my hair cut this past Friday. The girl who cut my hair was nice enough and did a good job. Two strikes against her are that a.) it took a really long time, maybe 45 minutes to an hour (instead of my stylist at home having me in and out in 20 minutes) and, b.) I could tell she was a smoker--there were points that I could smell the cigarette stench coming out of her fingernails, which is really, really gross. Those two things being said, though, I'd probably go back and have her cut my hair again. She made the inevitable comment to me that I always receive whenever I get my hair cut--she commented on how beautiful my hair is. It seems to me that every single time I go get my hair cut (whether at my regular stylist or not), I always get this comment. It was only just this past time that I realized that perhaps all hair stylists say this to all their it's something they're told in beauty school to just say to make their client feel good. Maybe as a psychological addition to the hair cut so that the person is happier with the cut once they leave the store.

- Jenny, 11/07/2004 09:30:00 PM

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