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Monday, November 08, 2004

a.) It is really cold out here today. It says that it's 50, but it feels much colder. I was watching The Weather Channel earlier this morning and evidently some cold front is coming in and snow is starting to fall in the Northeast, even into upstate NY (which, I have learned, is all of NY outside of NYC and Long Island). It may be the beginning of jacket time, but I'm gonna hold out as long as I can.

b.) My Old Testament midterm is tomorrow--prayers are appreciated.

c.) My Jolly book is found!!! It turned out not to be in my room or in my car--I lent it to Malia and forgot. And to think--I was going to buy another copy this afternoon! Excellent!

d.) The internet is operating very slow (if at all) right now for me. :( Even Amazon is not coming up, so I don't even know if that link above is really the Jolly book or maybe some church history porn.

e.) Last week or the week before I did some design work for Bonner for some education conference and I was told today that the Under Secretary of Education (whoever that is) was really impressed with the posters I designed. That makes me feel good. As far as I can tell, Freewebs is down right now, but in case it comes back up, I have tried to put two simple links to examples of the posters (there were probably over 30 in total) so you can see them here.

- Jenny, 11/08/2004 10:48:00 AM

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