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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Sometimes it is fascinating to look at, I can't even think of the word...AH! Sometimes it is fascinating to look at my website statistics to see how people end up on my blog through search engine queries. (I was going to say search engine searches but then realized that was lame and had the brilliant idea to switch out the word searches with queries instead!) (Can you tell that I am exhausted and in a weird mood?) Anyway, today I see that someone was searching on Yahoo! (why someone would search on Yahoo! and not Google mystifies me) and arrived at my blog after searching for "medieval fuzzy hats." Even more mystifiying than why someone would search on Yahoo! for that phrase is that my blog places 1st out of 12,200 possible results for that search term.

After a couple of disappointing events this morning and afternoon (couldn't find Einstein's Bagels, was pissed off by the Caf for not letting me take food to-go and felt that my football team all of a sudden got really masculine and competitive), today evened out to be a nice day. I went apple picking with Ann (our social coordinator), Nicole and Susan today. I was expecting to climb a ladder and pick apples from a tall tree or something but was surprised to note that the apple trees sorta looked like vineyards. I think today I realized that I am a big city sort of girl because I realized that I've never really been on a farm (in my own country). Anyway, so now I have some apples (Red Delicious and this type I've never heard of before called Stayman Winesap) in my room (consequently, my room smells great!) and I marvel at how different produce looks in the store compared to the apples I picked. I also marvel that the apples I picked taste way better than in the store. Interesting.

Anyway, after apple-picking, I went to dinner and then decided to go to Panera with Ann to study some Old Testament (she was studying for her Death & Dying class...they have to plan their own funeral in that weird is that?!). Studying with Ann in the busyness of Panera was great. Earlier this week Joanne, Emily, Ann and I went to this really beautiful, hexagonal reading room on the university campus to study and I felt so uncomfortable the whole time. I think the silence of reading rooms and libraries makes me feel stifled. So, to be in a busy place with ambient sound was really helpful to my studying. At various points during our studies, Ann would think to ask a thoughtful question, leading us to have really interesting, really meaningful conversations (until I made mention of Ann's mom's nipple).

I forget what brought the conversation on, but I shared with Ann this thought I've been mulling over for the past while. (Argh--I hate writing about these types of things--as a visual person, it is SO incredibly hard for me to find words to represent the ideas I have in my head--I am blogging about this solely for Ann, who says she, "lives vicariously through my blog.") It seems to me that in the quest to remove all absolute truth and certainty from our society, we don't realize that we aren't able to abandon the idea of absolutes. Instead I think we seek it not looking toward God, where we will find it, but I have noticed instead that our society is demanding absolute truth and certainty in our Presidency (where I contend you will not find it). People are throwing out the notion of absolute right and wrong in their lives and the lives of others, but ironically do not throw those values out for the Presidency. Why is the President exempt from moral relativity? Why is there no grey allowed for Presidential actions and duties? How is the truth more absolute for the President than for ourselves? Just something I've been thinking about and have finally voiced, first to Ann, now to all.

Anyway, going to hear Desmond Tutu in the morning--must be fresh.

- Jenny, 10/09/2004 08:33:00 PM

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