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Friday, October 01, 2004

So tonight I think I am going shopping with Em & Joanne and then going to D-Bar a little later with Nicole. Before all of that fun, however, I am going to go meet up with my flag football team. Flag football is an intramural sport here at Princeton and it seems to have a large following. There are rules, I guess—you must have at least two girls on your team. As such, I was standing in the hall waiting for the class before my theology class to clear out and this girl came up to me and asked me if I was on a flag football team. I wasn't on one and I told her so and she said that she was looking for girls to give a "low commitment" to be on her team. Since I'm all about low commitment, I agreed. She is the only person I know on the team (I actually don't even know who's on the team yet because I haven't met them), and I don't even really know her. But I am sure it will be fun. So, practice tonight.

My friend Hudson (I can call him my friend because he was nice enough to carry my dry-cleaned shirt up to my room for me while I went to a meeting last night) started his own team with my other friend Ben and some other people. They named their team the "Sneaky Patah," which would have caused me to spit out food or drink if I had been eating while I was told that. I am sure that probably only people within my Hebrew precept would get the reference, so take Hebrew and you'll think it's seriously funny. Basically, a patah is this Hebrew vowel that can either be an "a" or an "o," depending on a number of rules (that's what makes it sneaky).

Anyway, I have much more to blog about but I have to get going to lunch and then to work. I might post this weekend, so if you're online, keep a look out. :)

- Jenny, 10/01/2004 08:50:00 AM

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