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Monday, October 25, 2004

shoot. lost my post a second time around. this sucks. i think it's a bug in camino. here's my weekend (even further abbreviated), let me know if you want me to extrapolate on any of these things:

- Watched Mean Girls.
- Got lost in Trenton.
- Gleaned collard greens from a farm for Bonner/Farmers Against Hunger.
- Played a football double header--lost the first game by one, tied the second game.
- Scored my first touchdown ever.
- Had coffee with this Spaniard who's a chemical engineer.
- Bought Girl Scout Cookies. Is this even the right time? Isn't cookie time in the spring?
- Watched In America.
- Went to Montgomery EV Free Church.
- Drove up to New Providence to spend the night at Jason & Malia's.
- Bought the comfiest pair of sweatpants ever.
- Went to Jason's youth group and worshipped with them by singing and praying. This is good. In seminary it is very hard because you spend all this time reading, thinking and talking ABOUT God but spend hardly any time WITH God. I miss spending time with God.
- Watched the World Series with Jason & Malia. Discussed the differences between NJ and CA and talked about how we miss Wahoo's Fish Tacos and Del Taco.
- Completed my Hebrew midterm with Malia and Hudson.
- Interviewed another ministry for my job today--this ministry arranges for congregations to house homeless people in their church for a week at a time.
- Ate at Tiger Noodles Chinese food with Emily. Have some yummy cashew chicken leftover, but no fork to eat it with. Torture.

Was thinking about going to the city tomorrow, but will probably go on Wednesday instead. Am thinking about going to church in CT this coming Sunday and then going to church the week after that with Grace & Dan.

- Jenny, 10/25/2004 06:21:00 PM

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