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Friday, October 15, 2004

Let's see how this goes. I am at work right now and I've hit the wall--there's nothing more I can do without other things happening first. SO, I have been reading blogs and emails for the last couple of hours. Reminds me of my old job. Anyway, at work I am using an iMac and I think I am the only one in the office still on OS 9. The browser I have at work is IE 5 for Mac, so...I'm not sure I'm even capable of posting. But, I will try.

First thing's first: Ann (the social coordinator) really wants her dorm room to be the hang out room. Right now I'd say the hang out room is probably mine, although Ann's is certainly a bigger room (don't let her tell you otherwise). Ann is SO determined to have her room as the hang out room, she went to Target last night and bought some snacks and Christmas lights to string up for ambiance. But, in order for her room to be the spot, she claims that she needs to have a name for her room, and since she is reluctant to start a blog, she has asked for my help in soliciting name suggestions for her room. If you have any ideas, leave them in the comments. :)

I am super tired today. I have no plans tonight and I think that's sounding really, really nice. Perhaps I'll go home, eat dinner, do a little research for my research paper that's due on Tuesday and then hit the sack in order to wake up early for my football game tomorrow. There are visitors aplenty right now--Hudson's girlfriend Lindsay is in town and Joanne's friend from school is in town. It's really neat to meet friends of my friends--it adds to the depth that I know them.

OK--Emily is here and we're going to head back for dinner. Have a good weekend.

- Jenny, 10/15/2004 01:47:00 PM

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