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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I ended up not going to NYC today, or "the city" as people call it out here. I think that's weird, that they call it "the" city. And they think it's weird that I call it "the" 405. Anyway, I didn't go into "the" city today because I woke up not feeling really great and I just didn't think I should go up there and be stranded should I start feeling worse. Sucks because I really like "the" city, so I hope I get a chance to go soon.

Ok, and to extrapolate on my post from a couple of days ago:

1. Touchdown elaboration fielded from Chris K.:
Well, from sheer shock and surprise on the fact that it was I who scored the touchdown, I didn't really do anything. No cell phone call (I can't have my phone on me during the game--how distracting would that be!), no dance, etc. I think I did sorta clap my hands together and shrug my shoulders--I may have jumped for joy. I will try better next time (that is, if there is a next time...)

2. Elaboration on In America fielded from Andrew S.:
This movie was good, but not great; sad, but did not make me cry. (that probably is incorrect use of the semi-colon, but I'm gonna use it anyway) I think I was expecting a better movie. I think that they should have fixed the volume a little bit more before mastering the sound (there are some voices that are just way too quiet and some sounds that are too loud). Also, I kinda felt like the plot of the movie dragged. However, I felt that the relationship between Mateo and the girls was beautiful.

3. Elaboration on NJ & CA differences fielded from Andrew S.:
First of all, it is apparent to me after meeting people from Northern CA and Southern CA in an equally weird place (NJ), Northern CA & Southern CA might as well be different states. I think the life experience is just so varied betwixt the two. (Is betwixt a word? It should be--it's cool.) I think the differences between NJ and CA are small and sorta covered, but apparent differences, nonetheless. First of all, mindsets are totally different. People on the east are much more likely to be concerned with colleges people on the west have never heard of, along with being concerned about the theatre. In California, these small colleges on the east coast that are supposedly great aren't even known (and much less, cared) about. Also, I would say that Californians don't really care about the theatre unless something from the theatre is going to be made into a movie or someone from a movie is starring in the theatre. Another weird thing: ice cream is HUGE out here. There are ice cream places all around and people love ice cream. I would not say that ice cream is that big in CA. People here are much more formal to relaxed CA. There are other differences that I cannot remember now.

4. Elaboration on comments on other blogs fielded from Dave C.:
I have not had much time to go to various blogs while in school. For the most part, I'll read blogs here and there, but will not always comment because it takes so long (especially if you use Blogger comments--I can't stand the extra two seconds I have to wait for that commenting system). But, in answer to your question, I think that I'm referring to the decade of 2000 as the 00s in print (201x will be called the "teens," I believe). In real life, I just don't bring it up in conversation so that I won't have to address it. Although, in the Shawshank Redemption, the cute old man whose name I can't remember right now (Brooks?) calls it "Ought Four" in the movie and I think that's really cool, but I would feel self-conscious calling it that now.

5. Elaboration on Wahoo's fielded from Carrie:
I wouldn't call Wahoo's or Del Taco "authentic" Mexican food, but I would call it "good" Mexican food. I don't always require food places to be "authentic." So, even if there were some non-authentic Mexican places here (there are very, very few Mexican places), it just isn't really good. On the Border is pretty good and Chevy's is good, but I can't always afford to go to those places now, and there are no good fast-food Mexican places.

I think that my favorite meat to order at Wahoo's is the carne asada because it's so juicy and tender. That being said, I think I'd usually get it in a taco combination (one taco, white rice and black beans) or I'd get the Maui Bowl, which is the steak on the rice with some beans and salsa. Yummy. I think I've even had the carne asada burrito and that's yummy, too.

- Jenny, 10/27/2004 01:13:00 PM

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