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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Tyler is getting on my case--therefore, it is time to blog.

I wanted to blog late today because I wanted to tell you all about my new job! Part of my financial aid package (in addition to the massive loans) is to be able to have Federal Work Study (FWS). I am not really sure how FWS works, since I've never had it before, but what I gather is that it is an opportunity for students to work approximately 10 hours a week at a job either on campus or off, for a set wage and a flexible work schedule (meaning that school always has to come before the job).

Not being able to find a job on campus (most of the jobs went to the returning students who already have the positions), I had to seek an opportunity elsewhere. So I went to this work study fair held at Princeton to see what my outside choices were. The one I was most interested in was working for the Bonner Foundation, which is a philanthropic foundation located in less than a five-minute walk away from campus in this really cool house, located next door to the funky-colored, Liam house. Bonner gives grants to colleges for scholarships and in return the students who receive the grants are expected to be student leaders and perform community service, etc. There is also this other part of Bonner that I will be working on (and am SUPER excited to do so) is with their crisis ministry program. They also give grants to organizations that do crisis ministry to homeless and people who need aid. What I will do is go around to various places within the area and check them out--look at their facilities, interview them, etc. and then write up a report documenting the visit for the board.

I guess I already started today...sorta...because I went to Bonner today to meet with the president Wayne and this other lady from a crisis ministry program somewhere in Trenton. The meeting was really cool and I'm really excited to start my job, but I had only been there for not more than ten minutes when this lady (after hearing that I was the contact for this program) asked me when I wanted to meet with her. Well...I don't know...I still have to find out what I'm doing, really. Then she wanted to know when I was going to call her so that we could meet. Well...again, I don't really know anything at this point because I've only been there for like ten minutes. It was really sorta funny and awkward all at the same time. She's a go-getter, but really nice and I think that the organization she works for sounds great. Officially, I meet with Wayne and my supervisor on Friday so I am really, really excited for that to happen.

I am super excited about this job because I get to work in a small staff for Wayne (although I will have another immediate supervisor), it's a way for me to explore the community, to see what types of things are happening, to meet people in the community, to experience what working in a non-profit is like, and I get to do different things than I have been doing. And, it is very interesting for me to note that it seems that all of the computers at Bonner are all Macs. This place is going to be rad.

Anyway, I have a Hebrew quiz tomorrow on vocabularly that we just learned yesterday, so I better go and study. But--take note--Jenn Klein is now a blogger!!! Yay!

- Jenny, 9/22/2004 03:57:00 PM

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