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Monday, September 13, 2004

So yesterday I went to church for the first time on the east coast. I went to Nassau Presbyterian Church and it was ok...I'll definitely be looking at other churches in the area to see what the others offer. The service was more formal than I'm used to, but I guess don't mind that too much. At one point one of the pastors said something about how great and outstanding their website is and he must have been saying it tounge and cheek because it's seriously lacking in style. I'd have to say the highlight of the service was the sermon. I'm not sure how I feel about the pastor who gave the sermon--his sermon just seemed so contrived through his motions, inflections, etc. BUT, at one point he was talking about how he watched the political conventions for purpose of seeing other public speakers in action. He said that as he was watching, he was considering giving his parishioners signs to hold up during the sermon and even to publish the manuscript beforehand so that people can respond during the service with planned applause, etc. The best part is that while he was talking about this, some guy in the audience shouted out "Four more minutes!" After that it was over--I could no longer concentrate because that was so silly and funny to me.

Something interesting about church that I noticed is that almost all of the men (young and old) were wearing suits to the service. Culture shock for me--good thing I decided against wearing flip flops to the service.

Yesterday I went to this retreat that is part of our orientation. We drove 1-1/2 hours up to northwest New Jersey (which isn't actually that far--it's just that the roads are seriously lame) to a Presbyterian Camp in order to have lunch, meet people and play around. I played volleyball with some people and the volleyball fell into poison ivy several times (my first time seeing poison ivy). I now have these mysterious little purple spots on my forearms (where I was hitting the ball). I thought it might be poison ivy but then I realized that my arms don't itch at all. No, I'm afraid I'm just a freakish bruiser.

I'll register for my classes this afternoon. There's this one class that I am dying to get into because I think it was created just for me: Nurturing the Moral Imagination in Adult Christian Education through Literature. I am so worried that it will fill up. Reading through the class schedule is way cool and I am excited about the possibilities of what I get to take while I'm here for the next few years. I love school.

I will be eating lunch in the town today. This is because my meal plan does not work until Wednesday. On the (short) walk into town, there is this house that looks to have cool people living in it. Yesterday I noticed that there was chalk writing on the sidewalk indicating that it's Liam's birthday today (or yesterday for that matter) and to scream out "Happy Birthday Liam" to him while you walk past. Since I am way too shy to do that, I think I'll just leave a card as I walk into town.

- Jenny, 9/13/2004 10:00:00 AM

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