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Friday, September 17, 2004

So my first "week" is over. I have gone to all of my classes, except for Speech, which is on Friday and my Hebrew precept, which still needs to be assigned. All in all, I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I must be careful to remember that, as with everything, large goals are only achieved by continued steps of work in order to meet that goal. I'd have to say that although I was looking most forward to my literature class (which still looks to be rad), I am actually enjoying my Hebrew class the most. It is incredible to me that I will be able (eventually) to read, write and speak Hebrew.

Last night with Emily and Ann, I went to Halo Pub, this ice cream place in Princeton. I hear that the social thing to do in Princeton is to get ice cream at night, so there are a few different options (there is even an article in the Daily Princetonian to discuss such matters). Thomas Sweets, which I went to at one point during orientation, Halo Pub, which I had been to at the beginning of the week and The Bent Spoon, which is a new gelato place (or so I hear) are the places to go. Hands down, I love Halo Pub. First of all, they have these interestingly bizarre flavors, like Chocolate Butter Pecan or Strawberry Heath to name a few. Last night I had Lemon Creme Sorbet, which was excellent and yet not quite ice cream but not quite sorbet. The time before I had Creme De Menth Chip, which was very rich but good. Secondly, the ice cream at Halo Pub is so cheap (one scoop, which is what I get, is only $1.50!), unlike Thomas Sweets, which involves about twice that amount and this giant screw to blend ingredients together. So--if you ever visit me while at Princeton, we will go to Halo Pub together, even if it's cold and in the dead of winter (which, I have been assured by all friends, no one will ever come to visit me during that time, anyway).

I found myself thinking at some point last night that I had to get all of my studying done by tonight (Friday) because I won't be here to do it. And then I thought to myself, "Wait a second, self--what do you mean you won't be here?" And then my self replied, "You know, tomorrow is the end of the vacation and that's when you go home." And then I realized/remembered that this isn't a vacation and that I really do live in New Jersey and attend Princeton Theological Seminary. So I guess it's true. I guess this is really where I am and that I'm not returning to southern California until Christmas-time. Having lived no other place than southern California, I am finding that fact to be strange and difficult. Not in the sense that I am homesick, but more in the sense of wonder--is this my new home? Will it ever feel like home, or always like this strange vacation? I guess I can't answer.

Today I will call this lady I met at Linens and Things. I went there the other day to prepare for the cold weather coming soon and bought myself a down comforter. On my way to Linens and Things, though, I realized that I am in need of an oil change after that long trek across the country, which is a bit perplexing because I have no idea where around here I can go to have that done. While the Linens and Things cashier was scanning my items, I asked her where she gets her car's oil changed and she couldn't remember the name of it, but told me that if I call after 2pm on Friday (her next shift), she would have that information for me. She says that the place she goes to is run by two brothers and that they're honest. It can, in no way, replace the fondness I have in my heart for Ken's Rapid Lube (R.I.P.), but it's at least worth a try.

- Jenny, 9/17/2004 10:29:00 AM

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