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Saturday, September 25, 2004

So I'm still in a funk, but feeling better...sorta. I think it's the combination of everything just being so new. I really miss the easiness of hanging out with my friends at home but I am developing some really great friends. Last night, after some misadventures, I went back to my room and Joanne and Emily came over and we just talked and talked and it was really cool. It is easy to be around them because I feel like I can be myself. There are other friends I have here, too, so I am forming good relationships with people...especially people on my floor.

This morning I woke up around 8:30-ish and walked downtown to go to Panera for breakfast. I brought along my theology book to read and it wasn't that bad. Anyhow, on my way over to Panera, it must have been ultra liberal day because I was walking past my bank and this lady yelled out to me, "Help us put Cheney in jail before he blows up the planet." Call me a middle of the fence independent (I guess because I am), but isn't that just a little extreme? Some guy also said something equally as mild but I forgot what he said. Then maybe a block further down, there was an anti-Bush bake sale going on, complete with cookies frosted to look like the don't sign over a W.

Anyhow, tonight I'm going to dinner at the token Mexican restaurant on Route 1.

- Jenny, 9/25/2004 03:20:00 PM

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