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Monday, September 20, 2004

So, I have officially finished my first day of week two and have officially now attended all of my classes. I have to say that I am still overwhelmed, but getting used to it more. Right now I'm overwhelmed by all of the reading. I am mostly on track until I realized this morning that I have to read a ton of stuff for my theology class tomorrow. Normally, I guess I would understand a lot of reading, but this is basically what the professor said on Thursday, "Now, I know that some professors assign a lot of reading--so much reading that you can't possibly do it all. I am not one of those professors. I assign a portion of reading which I think is fair and reasonable and as such, I expect you to have read it and come prepared to participate in our class discussions." Fair enough until I looked today at what reading we were assigned last week. The reading that we had to have done for last week was from this incredibly dry book, pages 30-150. No joke. How is that reasonable? So, I think it is fair to say that I am behind in my theology class. As good news however, I am on track with most every other course and am absolutely LOVING Hebrew. I love it so much that I did an extra assignment last night that I didn't have to do until Thursday. I love it so much that I'd rather study it than do any of my other work. This is very interesting to me, as I was told (and expected) that I wouldn't like it.

My first weekend here was good. Friday afternoon I went to an informative meeting/pseduo-interview for an off-campus work-study job at this foundation down the road maybe five minutes (on the way into town). The really cool thing that happened is that the president of the foundation happens to live next door to the foundation, making him the same person who was celebrating Liam's birthday! (remember? chalk on the ground? I left a card?) Well after talking to him, it turns out that Liam is not 5 years old as I had expected--he's actually 29 and the president's nephew or something (he lives with the president). The president also mentioned that he plays hockey in Trenton. I am led to believe that he plays for this team. Weird, but also really cool. So the president invited me to come over (everyone in the house thought it was so cool that I left a card) later on that night to meet Liam (who's really cute) and to meet the rest of his family and for help on my star lamp, which Carrie gave me as a going away present. I also jumped on the trampoline in the back yard with the president's four young boys, which was really cool. Friday night was a lot of fun. Their family is sorta weird and eccentric and I loved being there. I hope I can go back and hang out sometime.

Saturday I stayed inside for most of the day and read my readings for my Old Testament Class. I am very depressed to tell you that I am still not finished with those readings and that they will be part of the stuff that I read later on tonight. Saturday mid-day I went to the Gap with Emily and Joanne and then came back and went to a wine-tasting party/birthday party in the basement of Hodge dorm and then went to Triumph Brewery (sorta like BJs)with Nicole and got a beer sampler (I liked the Pale Ale the best). People around here react to alcohol in a weird way. Some are all for it and others are very against it, so I feel like I need to walk on eggshells sometimes. But, it is good to know that I'm not the only one who drinks alcohol and it's good to know who I can go with to get a drink if I feel like I want one. There's this place I've heard of that's a bar on the graduate campus of Princeton that serves subsidized alcohol. I have not been yet, but really, really want to go and check it out.

I went back to the same church on Sunday for worship because I'll have to go there next week for worship anyway--one of the authors I'm reading for my lit class is speaking there next week. It was less crowded and I enjoyed the service. We'll see--it's awfully nice to be able to wake up and walk to church, but I will probably check out some more churches in the area. The rest of Sunday I went to Target, ate at Hoagie Haven and then read all last night (so if you IMed me and I didn't respond, it's because I didn't want to take a break from reading...sorry).

And that's my story. I have my real interview for the work-study job at the foundation tomorrow morning, so pray that all goes well. But until then, it looks to be a long night of reading for my heavy schedule tomorrow (Tuesday and Thursday are SO full).

- Jenny, 9/20/2004 03:21:00 PM

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