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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ok, so I'll blog very quickly before my next class. Day two--two classes down, two classes and one precept to go. This morning I had my OT101 class, which is not a survey of the Old Testament but rather an orientation to the Old Testament. This class is also team-taught by Dr. Miller and Dr. Sakenfeld. As a sidenote, Dr. Miller has a very deep and rich voice and sounds very nice. The main thing that I learned in class today is that I have a precept this afternoon right after lunch and I already have homework due--to read Genesis 1 & 2 out of this fancy-schmancy (and heavy) Bible and to pick out my choices of assigned scripture which I will want to write two papers on during the semester. Talk about jumping right in.

Right after OT101, I had my next class, OT151 (Introduction to Hebrew), in the very same room. I had the pleasure of eating dinner with my instructor earlier this week, and I am so excited to be in her class. She already knows my name! Today I learned about twelve letters of the Hebrew alphabet (aleph-bet), which was somewhat daunting but not bad. The most exciting thing to me (why am I such a nerd?!) is this sheet that she gave us in order to practice writing the letters.

Yet to come is my literature class that starts in 10 minutes and my Inquiring After God class, which happens later on this afternoon.

- Jenny, 9/16/2004 08:14:00 AM

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