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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It is dangerous to drive in a Walmart parking lot between 8-9 p.m. on a Wednesday night in Oklahoma. How would I know this? Well, tonight I committed a cardinal sin and went to Walmart...a Walmart Supercenter, no less.

Dad and I arrived here in Oklahoma City around 7:30 p.m. tonight (including the time difference), arrived at the Best Western (FREE high speed internet--Best Western has the right idea!) and then headed over for dinner at the Shorty Smalls, which is actually pretty good (and has a very cute waiter named Chris). During the drive today, I started getting itchy and developing a rash on my neck. I also got two bug bites this past Saturday (crossing my fingers that I didn't pick up West Nile) and am noticing that one of them is very itchy and is now about 1" in diameter. After dinner, we asked our cute waiter Chris if there was a drug store nearby. He directed us to the local Walmart, which was the closest drug store/supercenter (insert Jenny cynical commentary: no doubt because it forced all of the other drug stores in the area out of business). Walmart was bustling with activity--in fact, I almost run into/got run into many people/cars just trying to park. Actually, it seems that Walmart is the thing to do among Oklahomans on a Wednesday night because it was really crowded. There was not one check-out line (of probably 10 registers) that was less than five people long.

Anyhow, I like Oklahoma as far as landscape goes. It's very pretty, with the green plains, orangy-red dirt and deep, blue sky. I can't say that I was particularly fond of Texas. The eastern part of New Mexico is nothing to speak of. To help us for the last couple of hours on today's long drive, we listened to/watched The Big Lebowski on DVD, which was nice (as an aside, here's a random quote from the movie). Tomorrow will be a long drive to St. Louis (we're going to the top of the arch!), so I think we'll do the same thing, except maybe watch You've Got Mail, which I have seen enough times to not need to watch while listening.

I almost lost this whole post, so I think I'll publish now while I still can.

- Jenny, 9/01/2004 08:22:00 PM

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