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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

So last Wednesday morning I left Burbank airport with my uncle Brad and landed in the city of SeaTac, where the Seatle-Tacoma Airport is located. I decided to read the first Harry Potter book (I realize I'm a bit behind) on my flight up there as well as for reading through the week. I read quite a bit on my flight, but was sad to note that I didn't necessarily enjoy the was exactly like the movie and, frankly, I would have preferred seeing the movie. We arrived on time and exited the plane, running into my dad on our way to ground transportation. Dad had taken an earlier flight on Southwest, which was also the same flight Nathaniel (my brother's friend) was on. After getting the rental car, we drove south to Tacoma to visit with Joey and Nathaniel (Joey had picked him up at the airport earlier) and to see Joey's dorm room, which was a (gigantic) suite he shared with five other people. I guess this is the newest dorm on campus that is called "New Dorm" even though its real name is "Trimble." It was very nice and I was surprised that Joey's room was, although not spic & span, clean nonetheless.

Joey took us on a tour of campus and we went over to Carrie's (his girlfriend) house, which is one of the many houses that UPS owns and uses as housing for its students. Some of the houses must be themed--that is, all of the people wanting to live in the house together (maybe there's ~6-8 students) have to come up with a theme and write a proposal about how that theme applies to all of the students. I remember in some of the literature that was sent to our house about UPS, there was at one point a house that was themed after Ben & Jerry's ice cream and literature. I think (but could be wrong) that the students all met to talk about literature over Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Anyway, Carrie's house is not a themed house, but I guess she did share the house with a few other girls. I got to see her room (which, although not spic & span, was cleaner than Joey's) and this cool LEGO picture she has of herself in her room.

After our tour & visit, Dad, Uncle Brad and I got in the car and drove FOREVER up to Anacortes Island, which is probably only about two hours away from Tacoma but took much longer since we drove up there during rush hour traffic. We found our hotel and then tried to find some place to eat dinner, which was somewhat difficult because it was hard to find a place that Uncle Brad would eat at, since we could only find pizza & Thai places. After dinner, we drove around Anacortes to see what the nightlife is like, only to find that they apparently have no nightlife up there--the last movie showing at their movie theatre was literally 7pm. So, we went back to the room and watched some TV.

- Jenny, 5/19/2004 02:26:00 PM

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