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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Today's moral of the story:
If you are driving 60 mph in the fast lane, you have no right to get road rage. You are part of the problem and not the solution.

Yesterday's moral of the story:
If you used to be the vice president of my company and you want to go to our tradeshow with us, you have to comply to our uniform standard of purple polo shirt and stone-colored khaki pants. If you claim you don't have any khaki pants I think that, as a bazillionaire, you can afford to go and purchase a $20 pair of pants. Sheesh.

Woke up early and took the ferry ride from Anacortes to Victoria. The ride was long (three hours or so), but beautiful as we passed other islands in the San Juan island chain. Once we arrived in Canada at 11am, the customs guy asked us if we had any alcohol or cigarettes. Upon our "no," he granted us access into their country. We drove from the ferry landing into Victoria and walked around downtown Victoria by the parlimentary buildings and had lunch in the little shopping area. After walking around Victoria, we headed up to Butchart Gardens and spent a couple of hours there, looking at the beautiful gardens (my favorite was the sunken garden). Then we headed back to the hotel for some rest, went out for dinner around 8pm and returned to the hotel. What I found to be incredible is how light it remains up there until late at night. It was just turning dusk around 9:45pm.

Went to breakfast before getting onto the ferry. The most annoying thing about Canada was Dad and Uncle Brad complaining about how awful the food/soda was. I thought it tasted perfectly fine and thought that Canada was a nice place. Because some people getting off of the ferry to get into Canada didn't have their proper paperwork, our ferry back to the US was delayed about an hour. Eventually we returned to Anacortes and then drove down to our hotel in Federal Way. We met up later that night with Joey and Nathaniel and went out for dinner at a BBQ restaurant where their gimick is that they'll serve honey with their corn bread. Normal, you say? Well, I'll have you know that they bring the bread over to the table with an empty dish. Then they get a ladder and then pour the honey from the height of the ladder down into the bowl. That is talent.

- Jenny, 5/20/2004 09:44:00 AM

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