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Monday, May 24, 2004

Quickly, I will also finish reporting about my trip to Seattle/Tacoma two weekends ago. (If you are not interested, there is a regular post below)

We woke up in our hotel room in Federal Way and drove south to get Nathaniel before we headed up to explore Seattle. We drove around a little bit and finally parked and walked around Pike Public Market, which Nathaniel had never seen. We walked around downtown a little and then got back into the car and drove to the area of the Space Needle and took the Duck Tour, which is this tour in a bus that doubles as a boat, and you drive around downtown Seattle for a quirky tour and then ride in Lake Union and tour that part of Seattle. I actually had not taken the tour before, even though I've been to Seattle a number of times. We drove past things that I've seen before, but there were interesting tidbits and the drive was pleasant (although I was afraid we'd go under in Lake Union, so that part of the tour was a little nerve-wrecking for me). After the Duck Tour, we went to the top of the Space Needle because Nathaniel hadn't done that, either. That was fine--pretty much like the last time I went up there. After the long afternoon, we drove back to Tacoma and I went with Nathaniel to Joey's dorm to help him pack. After helping a little, Joey, Nathaniel and I played some Phase 10 and then we met up with Dad and Uncle Brad later on that night for dinner. We went to this pub-like restaurant called Katie Downs. As we ordered, I went to the bathroom, only to return and be carded by our waitress (even though I was not consuming any alcohol). Apparently, you have to be 21+ to eat there and, apparently, I look like I'm under 21. Weird. I seriously thought the waitress was joking. I don't think I was even carded even when I was 21. Anyway, after dinner, Joey, Nathaniel and I returned to his dorm and finished our game of Phase 10. Carrie came over and then we played Canasta Caliente!, a truly fun (yet very stressful) game. As a team, Joey and I clearly out-played Nathaniel and Carrie even though they were the eventual winners.

Sunday morning I woke up and went to church at Steel Lake Presbyterian Church in Federal Way (which actually has a surprisingly cool website). I went to their newer contemporary service, which was small but nice nonetheless. I went to breakfast with Dad & Uncle Brad after church, just before heading over to UPS to save a seat for the graduation ceremony. The ceremony was somewhat boring as almost all graduation ceremonies are (since all I had to cheer for were Joey and Carrie in this service), although the commencement speech by the guy who founded Earth Day was excellent. After graduation, we drove over to the place where Carrie's parents were staying for her graduation party. We met Carrie's family (who are all very, very nice and have strong handshakes) and some of Joey's friends (and their families) at UPS. I had a really nice time and especially enjoyed myself when we played team Jeopardy with questions based about UPS, Carrie, people at the party, etc.

Was particularly long because we struggled for a couple of hours about how to pack Joey's car with all of the stuff he was taking home. Eventually, he had to pull a couple of boxes out and leave them with Carrie, who is staying up there. I even took home an extra suitcase with some of Joey's dirty clothes that wouldn't fit into the car. Uncle Brad's and my flight home was running late, which was a little aggravating, but at least I started reading a good book called The Life of Pi, which Carrie gave to me. And then I returned to a busy week and pretty much you know the rest of the story.

- Jenny, 5/24/2004 10:37:00 AM

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