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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Ok, so I'm still really busy (with work AND personal stuff), but I also need to blog. I realize my priorities. :) I have decided that I will post a little at a time until I post all I want to talk about, which is a lot.

First of all, it seems to be that the winds of change are coming, which is both a very exciting and frightening time. Many of my friends and relatives all have new things coming up in their lives:

- Joey and David have just graduated college and will be looking to enter the real world.

- Danny has gotten a new job at some health care facility in San Diego.

- Erica and Chris McLaughlin are expecting their first child, at the beginning of next year! Apparently, Angie, Erica's sister, is also preggers and due at about the same time.

- Other pregnancies include my friend Becky from college and Tisra.

- Shane Ross (no, not the Irish Senator) and Jessica Lozoya have become engaged, date TBD.

- KC Wahe will be ordained with the Presbyterian Church next Sunday and installed the first Sunday of June.

- Paris has decided to go back to school, Amberle is trading BU for Point Loma, Briana is heading off to North Park, and Stephen is heading off to MIT.

I think there are other things, but I cannot remember them at this time.

I will finish this entry by also noting that I have just purchased my new computer. I chose the 15" Apple PowerBook Super Drive with single stick RAM and a faster processor and Apple Care and all of the other advice both Danny and Tyler gave me. I was able to use my Princeton acceptance to get a little bit of a discount (which is why I chose to get the Apple Care--went from $400 to $240). There was a little bit of a hiccup in processing my order, which I smoothed over this morning, because I was a dummy and put the charge onto my VISA debit card. Apparently, you are not allowed to make debit purchases over $2500 (and I guess my charge of ~$3100 was a little bit over that limit). So, I had to call the bank and call Apple and call the bank again and call the fraud department and call Apple again and after a half an hour everything was solved and my computer will be shipped. They have already shipped the printer that I ordered (which, after my rebate will be only $100!) so I will be getting that soon, I think.

Anyway, off to accomplish some work, and then I'll try to post again in a little bit. Hopefully I'll start telling you all about my trip this past weekend. I took pictures, but have been so busy that I haven't even downloaded them yet! (what is new?!)

- Jenny, 5/19/2004 09:58:00 AM

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