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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I finally got my oil changed this morning. It only took me three weeks to do it. I went to the Discount Tire Center because I bought a coupon book that has two coupons for a free oil change at the Discount Tire Center in Burbank. The guy who sold me the book used that as a selling tool, but at the time I wouldn't have considered going anywhere but to Ken's Rapid Lube. The people at Discount Tire were nice, didn't try to upsell me (I hate it when mechanics upsell) and to my knowledge did not get any oil inside my car (as is the problem with places that take your car from you), but it did take forty-five minutes for them to change my oil (Ken could do it in 15).

Now I have a (not-so) huge decision--when to get my haircut. I talked with the lady who does my hair today and she can either cut my hair tonight at 7:15pm or at Friday at 5pm or on Saturday at 10am. None of these times really work for me (I'd like to get my hair cut before I go up for my brother's graduation next week). Tonight at 7pm I have my painting class, there's no way I could leave work early enough on Friday to make it by 5pm and Megan is graduating on Saturday at 10am. So...I booked Saturday, although I think I'm going to cancel that and just go tonight and either miss my painting class or show up really late.

- Jenny, 5/05/2004 10:45:00 AM

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