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Monday, May 24, 2004

I am exhausted from my very busy weekend. Friday night I went to Amy's boyfriend Justin's concert in Northridge. Kathryn, Andrew and Dan were all there. :) I arrived late, a combination of getting home late and getting lost on my way to the venue, but enjoyed myself while I was there. The venue was this place called Songs and Flight, which is in the guest house of some house in Northridge. Admittedly it was a little weird going to a concert at someone's house, but the actual room where the musicians played was rad. I think Amy told me that they usually have like one concert a month or so and that they usually don't charge admission. I arrived just as the band Shaheen was ending their set, so I only really saw Relax to Paris and Richard Swift.

Saturday I woke up, washed my car at Uncle Brad's, took a walk, went to a luncheon with the women's association from Aunt Ellie's church, came home, made brownies, went to celebrate Kristen & Steve's 5th wedding anniversary, came back home, learned that I lost my wallet and that some lady had come by to return it, left for dinner with Kathryn, Terrence, Sergio, Joey and Matt, came back home, played some Hoopla and finally went to bed. I was hoping to go down to see Jen Mc, in town for a Big Fat Greek Reunion, but it didn't work out. :(

Sunday I woke up, went to church, went to a meeting after church, went to KC's ordination service & reception, went to dinner with Geoff & Erica (and their kids) and KC & Debbie (and their kids) and Ike, one of KC's longtime friends. I finally got home eleven hours after I left for church earlier that morning. So, I did some laundry and changed my sheets and started cleaning up my bedroom, which is...horribly messy. I have a lot of work to do.

Needless to say I am exhausted after this weekend, and am dragging here at work today. Tonight's also going to be a late night--Chris, Tyler and myself are going to the Largo for Bring the Rock--a dinner/comedy/concert.

ooh--we just had a power flicker. How wonferful it would be if the power went down today and I could go home and just relax and clean.

- Jenny, 5/24/2004 10:18:00 AM

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