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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Here's some irony for you. This past weekend I went to visit Kathryn in Las Vegas. I had a great time with her and always do. We're nearing our 10-year high school reunion (ok, two years from now, but it's getting close) and so our conversation was peppered with mentions of people we'd like to see at our reunion and people we don't care to see at all. Although we didn't talk about these particular people this time, I'm sure that Kathryn has an unspoken understanding that two people I would really, really like to see at my 10-year reunion are Josh and Matt Wait. I had a SUPER HUGE crush on Josh in the 10th and part of 11th grade, at which point the crush transferred over to Matt, his twin brother, the rest of my junior year and senior year. I have only seen Matt maybe twice since graduating high school and I don't ever recall seeing Josh at any point after high school. Many times I have thought about them both and wondered where life has taken them. I know the last time I saw Matt was when I was in college. I remember this instance because when we caught up with each other, he told me he was an accountant or something like that, which stunned me because I think I remember him being in remedial Algebra all throughout high school. It was exciting to hear of his progress. I care very much for them both and their well being because of the various experiences shared throughout high school--in class, hanging out, etc.

I am very sad to say that I received a call from Heather this afternoon telling me that she found out today that Josh hung himself last week, only to be discovered by Matt. I called Emmanuel Church to see if they had any memorial service information (Heather's mother-in-law attends there and found out about it because I guess their mom also goes there), but they weren't in when I called. This news is so sad to me. Looking back with my adult eyes, I realize that Josh was very troubled in high school. I don't know that I fully realized this at the time...all of my friends (or at least a good number) were troubled in high school. Was Josh more troubled than they? I don't know. Looking back, part of me is not surprised that he took his life. Although I cannot find my yearbooks since I showed them to Terrence, I specifically remember Josh writing something in my yearbook about suicide in a poetic/lyrical manner. At the time, I probably thought it was cool. How stupid was I? How I have wished that living in the real world would have been happier for Josh than living in high school. How I wish there would have been someone at that point to show him love and lead him from his despair. But I guess it's all wishing now. My prayers are with the Wait family in this difficult time.

- Jenny, 5/04/2004 10:55:00 PM

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