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Monday, May 03, 2004

Came into work this morning and answered my voicemail to find that I have achieved a milestone with the Cedars Sinai Blood Donor's Bank! As of my December donation, I have given one gallon!!! Yay! I absolutely love giving blood and I love giving my blood at Cedars Sinai because they treat their patients so well. I tried to give a few weeks ago, but didn't have enough iron to give. I'll have to make an RSVP to go back again sometime soon.

Anyway, I had a great, long weekend. I went over to Stephen & Adam's Thursday night and watched The Hudsucker Proxy. Neither Adam nor Stephen had seen the movie, and since it is probably one of my most favorite movies, I brought it over and we watched it. It had been a long time since I had last seen it (I saw it too much in a short period and ODed on it), so watching it again renewed my passion for the movie.

I left for Las Vegas on Friday morning, just as all of the truckers were protesting gas prices by closing down our major freeways. I was really nervous that the truckers would block me from leaving California, but I actually made very good time getting out there--approximately 3.75 hours. I had lunch with Amanda, Yesenia and Melody along with Amanda's sister and other friends of hers from her college days, which was cool. After that, I went up to Amanda & Jared's Terrace Suite to check that out (it was really nice and had a GREAT view) and walked around with Yesenia for a bit. Then I called Kathryn and we went to go see her mom and then ran some errands before meeting up with Lisa, Garrett, Jen Mc, Stephanie and Jason. We went to the Bahama Breeze and then Kathryn and I went over to Jen's house afterwards to see her new room and help Dimitri (Pete!) hook up their new, super-huge plasma TV/monitor. Because I'm so strong & muscular, I was of great help when carrying it up the stairs into their bedroom. Oh, no, wait a second--that wasn't me, that was Kathryn.

Woke up the next morning and went to breakfast with Stephanie and Jason at the Cheeseburger place in the Aladdin. I know--it sounds silly to me, too, but my French toast was pretty good (and my Yoo Hoo! Chocolate drink was even better!!). After breakfast, Stephanie & I went shopping and then later on that afternoon, I went back to Kathryn's and painted and watched Love Actually with Kathryn & Lisa. After it ended, I got ready for Amanda & Jared's wedding and headed over to the MGM. I looked at all of the signs at the MGM to find the wedding chapel, but couldn't figure out which way to walk, so I asked the security guard. He looked at me and asked me if I was alone, to which I replied, yes. Then he told me to follow him and he led me through the MGM's inner corridors as a short-cut to the wedding chapel! I couldn't believe it--that was so cool, even though the hallways were non-descript. While walking over there, I told him that this was just like Oceans 11, except I wasn't going to rob their casino. I'm not sure if he liked that comment... Anyway, I made it to the wedding chapel and witnessed Amanda & Jared's wedding ceremony, which was nice. It is so great to see two people you care deeply about get married to each other. After the (very short) ceremony, we went up to Amanda & Jared's Terrace Suite for the reception. I have pictures, but they're still on my camera. I'll let you know when I post them to my website.

Sunday morning Kathryn and I went to church at First Presbyterian of Las Vegas, which I really like and then went to Jason's Deli for lunch afterwards. I left after that, returning to LA in time to go to dinner at my aunt Ellie's house.

All in all, a great weekend. :)

- Jenny, 5/03/2004 11:08:00 AM

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