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Monday, April 19, 2004

So last night as I settled in for a bit of reading before I went to bed, I opened up The O. Henry Prize Stories 2002 book that I'm reading (that Heather loaned me sometime last year) to the next short story, entitled Seven by Edwidge Danticat (who I've just learned is female). I start reading the story and everything is sounding really familiar to me and I stop and I wonder to myself if I've read this story before. But then I'd read the next paragraph and it didn't sound too familiar so I'd read the next paragraph, which sounded so familiar that I'd start wondering if I had read the story before. I thought that it is possible that the story could have also been in the Best American Short Stories (2002) but since I sent that book to Paris, I couldn't check. I didn't want to skip the story outright and go onto the next one, so I read the whole thing. Came in this morning and checked the table of contents on the Best American and lo and behold, the story Seven is also in that book, which is why it was so familiar to me.

At any rate, I had a good weekend. On Friday I went to BJs and Pickwick Bowl with Adam, Jill, Ryan and Shane for Stephen's birthday. Shane has a very...unique and entertaining form when bowling. He's very funny to watch.

Then I woke up early on Saturday and went to my uncle's house to wash my car. As we were drying my car, it rained and now my car is very dirty (but I'd like to think it'd be even dirtier if we hadn't washed it). Later on that morning, Tyler, Chris, Christina & Jason came over and we went to the LBC for the Grand Prix. We watched some qualifying and a race of old Indy cars (which I thought was pretty cool). Then we went to the stage area and saw Everclear perform. I didn't think they sounded that great, but at least I think I was able to tell that Art Alexakis was a nice guy. During the set someone on the left side of the stage, close to the front, started to go into seizures. Art saw this from the stage and immediately stopped playing and asked for medical response over there. Literally, everyone stopped and waited for the situation to be handled and for the person having seizures to be safely taken to the hospital. WELL, after maybe ten minutes or so, the jerks next to where we were standing started saying horrible things like, "Since when has a concert stopped for someone who's fucked up?!" and "Just scoop up his brains and let's get on with the concert." I couldn't believe the audacity of those guys. Could they have been anymore drunk, insensitive and stupid? They kept on talking and eventually (as they spilled their beer all over me--not on purpose), I moved to the way back and sat by the fountain while the concert went on.

Sunday I went to church and hung out at home afterwards. Dad brought out this big file folder of stuff that he recently found that I guess Grandpa gave him when he moved. It was dad's old report cards (which weren't so good--I teased him for getting Ds in spelling) and other stuff, including a copy of the LA Times newspaper when man landed on the moon as well as letters my dad wrote home from college. It was super weird (but cool) to read those letters and to see how my dad hasn't changed much.

- Jenny, 4/19/2004 10:35:00 AM

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